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Cheklistav Nation

on Thu Jan 07, 2010 11:54 pm
Nation Name: Cheklistav Nation
Motto: Acta non verba - "Actions not words"
Form of Government: Demarchy - out of random, citizens are given power and control the government. Citizens can still add inputs into the decisions, but the Council decides mostly on which they believe best for the nation as a whole.
Economic Form: Social Market Economy
Leader (Title): Deitmar Murchadh (Head of Council)
Unique Features:

  • Owns only lake
  • Surrounded by Mountain
  • Mines enriched in minerals and materials

Population: 20

Government Spending: 200 Vexi (Gold pieces)
Trade Routes: None Currently
Social Programs: Currently none

Available Resources: Gold, Platinum, Steel, Lumber, Aluminium, Diamonds
Resource Needs: Silk, stone, Iron

Unique Projects: none
Housing: Steel wall cabins with Aluminium roofing
Major Buildings: Meeting house - slightly larger cabin with a podium, benchs, and some tables.
Military Buildings: a Steel barracks - basicly a longer cabin with beds, living area, and a basic armory.

Military Spending: 30 Vexi
Training: Medium standards, enough to discipline a miner.
Conscription?:Only when invaded.
Military Size: 5, small militia
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Re: Cheklistav Nation

on Fri Jan 08, 2010 8:16 am
Registration is on the topic category, lol

But keep this, it's good. XD
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