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Elai [The Infiltrator]

on Sat Jan 02, 2010 9:40 am
Name: Elai Matthews

Nickname: Elai

Sex: Male

Appearance: 5"8, on the thin side with longish, untidy auburn hair. He wears reading glasses when examining things up close, but does not rely on them permanently. He also carries a recent black eye on his left. He still wears a extremely patched suit and tie.

Personality: While seemingly quick to make friends, Elai always keeps a certain amount of emotional distance. He is not above underhanded tactics, but will often give the opponent a sporting chance. He sometimes loses himself in combat, getting rather peeved when attacked without provokation.

History: Elai used to be a freelance P.I., taking on the more shady contracts. He has toed the law at many points, but keeps barely in line through subtle charisma and lack of evidence. He practices his pistol draw regularly, having needed to resort to it on many occasions. He also carries a police baton when a more silent approach is needed, filched whilst sneaking into a police station as a favour.

His last assignment ended badly. Some misplaced documents and collateral damage left the employers dead and Elai on the run from a drug ring. He worked his way into a governmental building to lay low, giving him access to a bunker.

Skills: Gunslinger, Coerce.

Gear: Battered laptop, suitcase, various food rations, flask of water, roll of bandages.

Weapons: SIG Sauer P226, Police Baton.

Other Items: Lockpicks, binoculars, bottle of chloroform.
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Re: Elai [The Infiltrator]

on Sat Jan 02, 2010 10:45 am
One thing, which it's my fault for not having mentioned, is that it's been possibly up to sixty years from the bunkers' opening. Your characters' birth would have been post-impact, but that's relatively easy to fix. Aside from this, your character is approved; just make sure to edit your history.
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