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The Races and Adaptations

on Tue Dec 29, 2009 11:28 am
The Races

. Human: Like to live anywhere and are most adaptable anywhere. They are usually not native to the land, although there are some who are. They are skilled in woodcraft's and metallurgy.

. Elves: Live in mostly forested regions. Are most skilled at archery. Can be adaptable to water and mountainous regions. They are lovers of the wilderness and outdoors, and are able to communicate with nature the best of all races. Magic is natural with this race, and they are usually able to have a wider variety of magic of use to them. Many of the elves are native to the Island.

. Dark Elves: Live in the more darker parts of the forest and many in caves. Good with dark magic and archery. Adaptable to mountains. These are elves who have been corrupted by evil, or natural Dark Elves. They are skilled at archery to an extent, but are usually spell casters. Many Dark Elves are native to the Island and also are prone to being corrupted by darkness than any other race. If they are corrupted, then they stand a great chance of becoming orcish.

. Dwarfs: Live in the mountains and caves. Adaptable to plains. They are short, but make up for it in brute strength. They are also some of the most skilled miners and craftsmen of all races. They also specialize in close range fighting, more so than long range.

. Orcs: Live in dark regions and caves. Un-adaptable to any other region. These are the creatures that spread the darkness to most places. They are quite diverse in size and appearance Most are spawned from the most corrupt of Dark Elves, which are the first natives to the Island. Orcs specialize in warring and killing others, but are unable to war on other unless it is either night, or something were to cloud over the sun.

. Sorcerer: These beings are able to be adaptable to any terrain and specialize in all magics. They usually do not choose to lead a nation, but rather enjoy helping the ruler in its stead. They are cunning and are usually very very intelligent. Many are old, as they can live for hundreds of years. Those who wander, are usually on a journey of their own, on a quest for knowledge, or have mysterious ambitions.
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