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The Map of the Land + Colonization Stats

on Tue Dec 29, 2009 11:25 am
This is where the information concerning colonization, trade, resources, and everything else will be placed. You, luckily will never have to worry too much about these statistics, aside from how you advance as a nation. But I and the AGM, Red, will focus a lot on these, as we are the initial deciders on who fails at life and who doesn't in this game.

These stats are VERY important toward your nation and its progress, the only people who don't have to worry about these are those who are not forming a nation. But those who are, better pay some attention.
The Colonization Map

The Map, by Red

Terrain Features:

  • Lime Green -- Plains, maximum of rolling hills. Some trees, but no heavy forest.
  • Dark Green -- Heavy forests.
  • Grey -- Mountains.
  • Maroon -- Cliffs. Other shores may be rocky or cliff-ish, but these areas have sheer 90 degree cliffs.
  • United Nations blue -- Ocean. Salt water.
  • Blue -- Rivers. Flow towards the coast, obviously.
  • Sandy areas -- Desert.
  • Weird green surrounding desert -- Savannah. Flat, dry, very few trees.
Current players' cities:

  • New Capua (Red square, southwest) -- Redcoat
  • Anumian Empire (Teal square, extreme west) -- Bleach

The Civilization Statistics


Imperial Map of Anumias. (Future)

The Imperial Map of Anumias



Dark Blue Squares / Rectangles: Homes / shoppes / guilds

Grey: Mountain

Brown: Cliff

Blue: Ocean / Rivers / Lakes

Light Blue: Battlements

Tan / light pink: Major roads / through ways

Purple circles / ovals: High Governmental or Military facilities

Orange lines: Military Gates

Red lines: Bridges

Red Circles: Arrow / Military tower

Red shape (North area of the main mountain): Citel Rhun's Fortress

Green Curls: Trees / woods

Olive Green: Grass / plains

Black dotted lines: underground river / water body


Everything that is at all important toward a nation will be recorded annually here by Red and I. You, the players, have to focus on only one thing pertaining to these stats--the Upkeep. You are a leader, so you have to worry about all of this when you form your nation and command it. If you don't, you fail. That is that. In one post, you don't have to worry about every single one of these, but throughout your time as the leader, you have to focus on these if you wish for survival.

[b]Nation Name:[/b]
[b]Form of Government:[/b]
[b]Economic Form:[/b]
[b]Leader (Title):[/b]
[b]Unique Features:[/b]

[b]Government Spending:[/b]
[b]Trade Routes:[/b]
[b]Social Programs:[/b]

[b]Available Resources:[/b]
[b]Resource Needs:[/b]

[b]Unique Projects:[/b]
[b]Major Buildings:[/b]
[b]Military Buildings:[/b]

[b]Military Spending:[/b]
[b]Military Size:[/b]

Nation Name: Obvious enough. This might change if your government changes quickly and plenty--say, a revolution.
Form of Government: How you distribute power.
Economic Form: How you distribute money and goods.
Leader (Title): What their name is (and what the position is).
Unique Features: What sets you apart? What's cool about living in YouTopia?
Population: Simple enough. A number.
Quality of Life: How happy or miserable your citizens are. Include any major disparities.

Government Spending: Approximate. Remember that early governments may not spend money per se.
Trade Routes: Who you're trading with, and what you're trading.
Social Programs: Health-care, welfare, et cetera.

Available Resources: What you can take from the land around you. Include what you receive from trading.
Resource Needs: What you need to maintain your current standards.

Unique Projects: Megaprojects that really set you apart. Vanity purposes or no.
Housing: Where your people live, and in what.
Major Buildings: Large, important, public buildings.
Military Buildings: Buildings regarding your nation's military.

Military Spending: What you're providing to your soldiers.
Training: Remember that training is expensive. Mention disparities.
Conscription?: Yes or no. Conscription is where the State forces its citizens into war. They usually don't like it and fight poorly.
Military Size: How big the military is. These guys have upkeep costs, especially when on campaign!
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