Tarn Ratasha

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Tarn Ratasha

Post by Kamikaze_X on Tue Dec 29, 2009 12:20 pm

Post originally made by DW

.Main Character Name: Prince Tarnaith 'Tarn' Ratasha

.Race: Elf

.Equipment Carried: Traveling Pack containing wrapped food, canteens of water, a map and compass and medical supplies

.Appearance: 6'9'', waist length black hair, blue eyes, muscular and very wise looking

.Personality: He doesn't speak much but when he does it's usually very wise, he helps those in need and offers mercy to those that have done wrong

.Weapon(s) and Armor Enchanted Elven longsword made from Pure Elven Steel, Elven kite shield made from Pure Elven Steel, Elven greatbow made from enchanted willow wood, Elven battle armor made from Pure Elven Steel and a long emerald green cloak

.History: Tarn grew up in the royal house as a seventh son, he was royal yes but not as important as his older brothers, he spent most of of his younger years in libraries reading, as he grew older he trained in the ways of war, his father planned for Tarn to lead armies into battle but when a new land was discovered Tarn asked to lead the expedition, his father agreed seeing as how tarn had much knowledge in all fields.

.Intended Colony Name: Eleseria

.Intended Primary Form of Government: Monarchy

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