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This is the formal list of all accessories that a player may purchase for their character. Many of these are enchanted things, usually jewelry or another article that you would wear or carry around. Therefore, be prepared for many of these things to be expensive.

WARNING: Players can only wear two accessories in the game, as well as only carry two.


Bangles and Bands

Bangle of Basic Fire Absorption = 550 Tempraes
Bangle of Advanced Fire Absorption = 1700 Tempraes
Bangle of Maximum Fire Absorption = 3000 Tempraes
Bangle of Basic Frost Shielding = 600 Tempraes
Bangle of Compounded Frost Shielding = 2000 Tempraes
Bangle of Maximum Frost Shielding = 3700 Tempraes
Band of Sickness Healing (helps to reduce risk of disease) = 7000 Tempraes
Band of the Nighteye (Increases night-vision) = 5500Tempraes
Bangle of Necromancy Repel (Partially repels the animated undead from self)= 7000 Tempraes
Band of Stamina (increases the wearers agility and stamina in battle) = 6700 Tempraes


Ring of Empowerment (Increases endurance and stamina) = 4500 Tempraes
Ring of Versatility (Increases agility and strength) = 8000 Tempraes
Ring of Water-Breathing (Allows the user to breath underwater [ONLY AVAILABLE IN CERTAIN SHOPS]) = 15,000 Tempraes
Ring of Hope (Increases the luck of yourself and those around you) = 2500Tempraes
Ring of Clarity [Name is credited to Red] (Allows the wearer to see camouflaged enemies) = 9050 Tempraes
Ring of Attraction (Increases Personality of user [influences others]) = 700 Tempraes


Chain of Time Warping (Allows the user to stop time for a very short time [ONLY AVAILABLE IN CERTAIN SHOPS]) = 10,000 Tempraes
Necklace of Tantrum (Allows user to lessen inhibitions [go berserk] while in battle / increases strength, decreases intelligence) = 7000 Tempraes
Necklace of Mentality (Mental concentration increases in battle) = 6500 Tempraes
Necklace of Major Shock Resistance = 7,800 Tempraes
Chain of Minor Shock Resistance = 3,000 Tempraes
Necklace of the Elements (Increases skill of elemental manipulation) = 10,000 Tempraes

The Accessory Stores:

~~New Tempera~~

Imperial City =

Kilboornis' Enchanted Goods
Glormir's Precious Stones

Kalos =

The Glimmering Rock

Ryerdalo =

Jebius' Discount Enchanted Goods

Polia =

The Dragon's Teeth

Gracia =

The Gracia Accessory Guild

Refuge =

The Refuge Accessory Guild



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