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The History on Ryerdaen Currency

on Tue Dec 15, 2009 7:02 pm
Due to New Tempera’s involvement with the ever-growing Empire in RFA 550, the Great Assimilation, the Imperial government of course used its own influence in the economy of every Feudal State. The years following the Assimilation, a centralized and national currency was believed to be the best way for each state to do business. Up until that point, each monarchy used its own form of currency, or had none at all.


New Tempera, the Imperials, used the Temprae. The Temprae would be later made into the Empires overall currency of choice, although the Imperial government made no real strides toward completely abolishing the use of other currencies in local states. The Temprae had been used for almost 200 years up until the point of Polius IV’s assassination. Even now, the seceded Feudal States continue to use this currency.

Before the Great Assimilation, Anumias had been using the Rhun as their own currency. It was based off of the amount of silver they held in their deposits and was generally seen as an equal (in value) to the Imperial Temprae. Since RFA 550, the Rhun has been totally erased from the Anumian economy, aside from pure use in the capital of Citel Rhun.

Tamrodiil had been using the Gladre, their form of currency until RFA 550. The Gladre was a copper piece which was mass produced and based off of the amount of Mythril that they held in their own deposits. It was weakened however as the supplies of Mythril had begun to dwindle, therefore giving the small copper coins no backing. Originally, the Gladre was named after the Tamrodiilian city of Gladremis. Due to the lack of Mythril, the Tamrodiilians were quick to embrace the Imperial Temprae.

Vurstaria had been using a form of feudal age bartering. This bartering system was based on the general non-monetary value of the item wishing to be bartered. This of course meant that if the item was not useful toward the one trading, the barter was useless. However, due to the Vurstarian-complex and way of life, the system worked well for them. When a foreigner tried to barter, that was another matter. After RFA 550, the Vurstarians adopted the Imperial Temprae, although they had to be forced.

Guylos used the Hamberg, named after their nation’s capital. It was seen as the most valued currency before the Temprae took its place, as it was backed by Guylosian gold supplies. The aforementioned supplies were vast to say the least, which caught the eye of the New Temperians. Guylos still uses the Hamberg, however their main currency has been pronounced as the Temprae. In New Tempera, the Hamberg is the only foreign currency that will be accepted in stores.

Hyporion had used the Gale since the Great Immigration in RFA 0. The Gale was valued just below the Temprae, and was backed by a vast supply of precious metal that was mined in the north. Upon the year of RFA 550, the Gale had been forcibly replaced by the Temprae by the Imperial government. Due to these circumstances, the Gale has been all but lost.
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