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Frostbite and High Tide

on Wed Nov 18, 2009 8:41 pm
"Aang! No! Don't leave! Aang, the world still needs you here! Please don't go!" The sound of her voice seemed to echo through the air, cracking from agony. Tears rolled down her face, as did everyone else's face. The small group stood there in a sense of helplessness. "Aang, you can't go! We need you here! I need you here! Don't leave me!" His eyes were closing little by little. It seemed that there was nothing that could be done. His time was up, he had to move on. She kneeled closer to him, hugging him tightly to her chest. He could feel her heart racing as her tears ran along his tattoo. She refused to let go of his hand, she refused to let go of him. Her brother put a hand over her shoulder, but she brushed it off out of anguish. "Aang! Aaaangg!!"


The moon had risen above the pale, black sky, shining a vivid white light along the crystal lands below it. A small breeze had picked up and it had started to snow even though there weren't a lot of clouds above. The waves of the frigid waters crashed against the icey walls of the city. A peaceful sound that only those that appreciated serenity could understand. Along the small waterfall within the sheeted land, people were gathering under a large pavilion. Some were dressed in ceremonial outfits, many wore traditional robes. This seemed like a special occasion. People took their seats along the sides and four men sat along the far back in front of a large Water Tribe symbol. As the talking ceased, a boy was called up and stood in the middle of everyone. The man in the middle seat spoke loudly and proudly.

"People of the Northern Water Tribe, tonight is the night the world has been waiting for!" His voice was deep, yet friendly. A happy mood seemed to seep its way through the air. "We have been gifted the presence of the Avatar! One of our own has been chosen to lead the life of the peacemaker!" There was clapping and cheering, the sound seemed to amplify against the ice. The water rushed down steadily as the man continued his speech. "We have trained this boy in the art of waterbending over many years, I am very proud of this coming of age!"

The man stood up, slowly approaching the middle of the pavilion. He looked deeply into his eyes, the boy's face seemed to glisten with the water's reflective light. "I remember when you were young, Zarato. Training yourself everyday, pushing yourself to become stronger. You never gave up, even when you were pushed down. When it came to us that you were the Avatar, it made our village proud. So very proud.." The man placed his hand on Zarato's shoulder. With his other hand, raised his fist into the air. It is time for the Avatar to make his way around the world to master the elements and withhold tranquility between us all! I, Chief Radook, give my best wishes and gratitude to this boy and his upcoming journey!"

Everyone stood up in applause as the snow began to fall more heavily. Soon, the pavilion broke out into a celebration. A banquet had been established as a group of waterbenders performed infront of their audiance. It was a very happy moment indeed.


Zarato looked into the distant waters. Glaciers were scattered along the rough sea in an endless dance as the waves rustled. He was completely focused, deep in thought. A large lizard-like fish slithered its way to him, nudging its head under his arm. He smiled as he turned around and pet its head. "Look out there, Getsu. To think we'll be traveling past these walls soon." The serpent gave a soft growl of interest.

"It's kind of exciting, to think we get to travel the world. But there's a lot I don't understand." He gazed into the eyes of his companion, thoughts and questions overwhelmed him. "I don't understand why I was chosen as the Avatar. All of these stories I've been told of previous Avatars, what if I mess up? What if I'm not as good as the others? What if I fail...?"

Getsu only gave him another nudge. This was not a time to be down on himself. "I know I shouldn't be worried or upset. But I just can't help but think that I'm just not worthy of the title 'Avatar'. I know that I don't have a choice, but what if I can't do it?" Getsu starred back out at the water, the snow was still falling from the sky and it laced the waves perfectly. Zarato seemed to catch on."You're right, I can't prejudge myself. I have to work my hardest, for the good of everyone. I won't let them down. Tomorrow is a new day, the day we set off to master the other elements."
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