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Ryerdaen Cultural Systems

on Fri Nov 13, 2009 8:45 pm
Ryerdae, as a culture will of course have global systems that most (if not all) states will follow. These systems would be like in real life. There would of course be a system of writing, a system of language, and a system of numbers. Currency is also another, as all of Ryerdae follows a national system ever since the "Great Assimilation".

There are of course language barriers between one state to the next, IE Vurstarian vs New Capuan, but the Imperial language is known by all. Therefore, there is always the secondary language (unless you are from New Tempera). In each state, there will be difference in accents and dialect of course as well.


The Ryerdaen Alphabet and Numbers


Just as in English, the letters will continue one after the other in sequence. Periods are literally the same in Ryerdaen, as well as certain punctuation, aside from the comma, which is replaced by a small box.

From the time as children, all civilians of Ryerdae learn to write and read. In writing, they are trained to scribe quickly, therefore time in writing a letter or scroll in Ryerdaen takes no time at all if you are learned.

The Numbers however, can be quite tricky at first glance. The way in which the sequence follows would be like so:

  • #1-9 have their own symbols.

  • #10-90 follow a (#--#) rule. Whatever number the first is, will be put first, the second will of course follow suit. Therefore, the number "60" will be written like: [Symbol for 6 -- Symbol for 0]. If the number is for example: "75", then the sequence will be: [Symbol for 7 -- Symbol for 0 -- Symbol for 5] All numbers until 99 will follow this rule.

  • #100-999 follow a (#--#) rule as well. Although the amount of symbols will gradually grow larger. Most people can write these quickly however. #100 also has its own symbol. Therefore, for example: "105" is the number, the sequence will be: [Symbol for 100 -- Symbol for 5]. In contrast, the number "150", would be: [Symbol for 100 -- Symbol for 5 -- Symbol for 10].

  • #1000 and 1,000,000 have their own symbols.

  • #1000-999999 will follow the same rules as above, although the symbols will be extensive. As an example: The number "125,070" would be written such as: [Symbol for 100 -- Symbol for 2 -- Symbol for 0 -- Symbol for 5 -- Symbol for 1000 -- Symbol for 7 -- Symbol for 0]

  • 1,000,000 and onward will follow the very same rules as above.

Ryerdaen Days of the Week & Months

These will be the various names and phrases that are usually used in the Ryerdaen languages, partial to each nation, that will relate to the day of the week or to a month in the year. These are extremely important in telling other players when something happens. The only time they are not quite important are when relating to certain dates in history, which would use the normal: Age and Year Number system.

To give credit where credit is due, I am going to be using the same names of the days of the week and months of the year that Bethesda Softworks used for their own game: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This is in homage to the game that has given me much inspiration for my own game here, OM.


Days of the Week:

.Monday = Morndas

.Tuesday = Tirdas

.Wednesday = Middas

.Thursday = Turdas

.Friday = Freedas

.Saturday = Loredas

.Sunday = Sundas

Months of the Year:

.January = Morningstar

.February = Sun's Dawn

.March = First Seed

.April = Rain's Hand

.May = Second Seed

.June = Mid Year

.July = Sun's Height

.August = Last Seed

.September = Heartfire

.October = Frostfall

.November = Sun's Dusk

.December = Evening Star
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