A Very Sudden, Open Invitation

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A Very Sudden, Open Invitation

Post by Kamikaze_X on Tue Dec 26, 2017 12:35 pm

Hello all,

We are on the eve of 2018, and these forums have been basically dead for a very long time—especially in terms of Roleplaying Games (despite being the purpose of this site, hah). Nevertheless, once and a while I yearn for LS to be given life anew, no matter what form that takes. Even if it's just a spot where us older, former-RPers can gather semi-regularly and just chat or play a casual game, it'd be a welcomed change from the silence that has fallen upon this site.

Either way, LS will remain open until the host itself fades away. Hopefully that won't happen for a good long time, however.

On to the point of this post:

To those who might still lurk on this site, and those who occasionally return to make a post in the I&RC—I've been given an open invitation from some of the older members of basically all of the forums we've been involved with over the past ten to eleven years.

A Roleplaying Game to End all Roleplaying Games. A final hurrah, for all of us.

We've had such a history with gaming on the web, and such a history with each other, that it's difficult for me to say no to this proposal. And evidently, there are others who feel very much the same.

Those who have gathered:

TEG (TheElderGod) - For those who don't remember him, he is an elder member who traveled from forum to forum, including Pandemic, EAKingdoms (both), EAGalaxies, right here at LS, RPGFrontier, TheWhiteTree (i.e.; Conquest Mania), Zyrv / GameJaunt, and others.

Maik (Maikuolan) - Another all-too-familiar face, from Zyrv / GameJaunt, LS, and RPGF.

Chef - From most if not all the sites of the Continuum, and our very own co-Admin here at LS.

Mirk (MirkwoodArcher) - From several boards, which have included those of the old Continuum (RPGF, LS, GameJaunt, as well as the Chimerical Creative Base forums.

Archon - From CCB

Doruin - From several of the sites in the Continuum, I believe.

It is undecided where this game will be hosted, but I encourage anyone who is interested to let us know and we can add you to the mix. If anything, LS would make a wonderful repository for our creative thoughts and other materials going into this game of ours.

UPDATE: It should be assumed that the game will be played on CCB (See Mirk above, as they are an admin there). This being said, feel free to use LS as an information, inspiration, or world-building dump. If you require your own personal forums for this, I can accommodate. I'll likely be doing the same for myself soon enough.

Should you have any questions, please reach out!


~ Kami

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