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[OOC] Inverse World.

on Mon Oct 17, 2011 3:05 pm
Something that I'd been meaning to post up for a couple of days, but kept getting busy, tied down with others things, etc, and it never ended up happening. Anyhow, posting now.

Was telling Red about it on MSN a while ago, and because it's 3:04 AM at the moment, I couldn't really be bothered typing it all out properly now, so I'm just going to copypasta the relevant part of the convo I had - Should be enough to get the idea (my apologies - this is far less formal than I usually post).

Hope you enjoy! Smile

(12:01:19 AM) Maikuolan: Also, for fun, I sketched up a quick inverse map of EC's world for fun. (( Inverse world == Appropriate political map given events thus far in the game, known powers, names of places and etc, but, under assumption that all land is water and all water is land. ))
(12:01:42 AM) Redcoat: Lawful Dickish: Laughing!
(12:01:43 AM) Redcoat: Lawful Dickish: Awesome
(12:02:04 AM) Redcoat: Lawful Dickish: So suddenly Capua... surrounds this vast ocean
(12:02:08 AM) Redcoat: Lawful Dickish: known as the Solaris Sea
(12:02:09 AM) Redcoat: Lawful Dickish: xDDDD
(12:02:21 AM) Maikuolan: Lol, exactly. XD
(12:03:22 AM) Maikuolan: Also, under the inverse map, I've worked out that the "Ardennes Pass" appears to be the #1 most dangerous and volatile region of the entire world map, the region closely contested by the Holy Empire, Capua, Solaris, Alba and Curaidach.
(12:03:40 AM) Redcoat: Lawful Dickish: Laughing!
(12:05:12 AM) Maikuolan: XD
(12:12:14 AM) Maikuolan: I've worked out that, given that percentage ratio of water to land in the inverse map, the #1 most important resource for any nation to protect in this map is their water supplies, which each nation protects fiercely. This means that the North Sea (what I ended up calling the inversed continent shared by Capua, Alba and Solaris) is of particular interest to many, which Capua currently holds the balance of power at.
(12:12:16 AM) Maikuolan: Since the recent Naval War between Solaris, Capua and Holy Empire, however, and HE's subsequent take-over of the Solaris North Sea Territory, it places HE in an interesting position - Already controlling an entire sea of their own (The West Sea, including Toshkhat Lake) and now moving in partially to the North Sea. This being said, such an event is deeply overshadowed by long-term, heavy tensions between Alba and HE, regarding controll of the Ardennes Archipeligo - War between Alba and HE appears imminent, which Capua will likely play on - They want HE out of the North Sea, but if they can support HE against Alba, they may be able to take Alba's share of North Sea and gain a strong foothold. Equally, tensions between Curaidach and Ironhull have been ever growing over a conflict of interest over the Sea of Iron, which both dispute, more-so since Curaidach opened it's borders to the world and began naval expansion south. Erynnen is an envy of the world, having some of the world's best land vehicals - They're the only nation on the face of the planet capable of scaling the Great Rumidian Alps and the more dangerous parts of the Wasteland of Embers, such as the Great Arctic Alps to the south-west.
(12:13:14 AM) Redcoat: Lawful Dickish: Laughing
(12:13:16 AM) Redcoat: Lawful Dickish: That's fantastic
(12:15:50 AM) Maikuolan: The Lake of Tysk remains one of the only water bodies on the planet not yet claimed by any known power - It's rumoured there may be a secret empire there, but no one has confirmed, and has heard nothing from the region in a very long time. The Empire of Eidou still struggles in it's ongoing war against it's northern neighbours over control of the Sea of Kyokai, but holds lake Himazawa without dispute - Peace, aside from along the naval border between the Empire of Eidou and it's northern neighbour, has remained strong in the region for decades.
(12:18:57 AM) Maikuolan: Only one threat to Erynnen's power exists - the Kingdom of Valcoren. Both were once a part of the same political entity, but whereas Erynnen aspired to become a global power in control of the highlands - A dream long held by many but seen to be beyond reach, given the difficulty of crossing the world's vast deserts where there is literally no water and dying of thirst an absolute certainty - Valcoren saw Erynnen's aspirations as a plot to see the state fall to military power and martial law. After a short but bloody civil war, the two powers split, leaving the Valcoren Kingdom to the North and the Highland Liberation Army of Erynnen to the south.
(12:19:16 AM) Maikuolan: Anyhow.
(12:19:16 AM) Maikuolan: XD
(12:19:18 AM) Redcoat: Lawful Dickish: Laughing!!!

I'll try to get a physical copy of it up within the next few days. Main landmass is done; Just working on a few of the minor details. (Of course, note, that this is purely for fun).
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