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The Domain of Gohlyth

on Sun Oct 16, 2011 1:23 pm
Name of Country: The Domain of Gohlayth

Nickname: Gohlayth

Race: Human

Motto: Vendure unto Caesar

Flag: Upon a black flag, a white hammer strikes down upon a white anvil


Location (on map): The farthest country in the northwest of the map.

Various Symbols: Strength, Natural Selection, The Hammer and Anvil, The Falcon

Leader Title: Caesar

Leader Name: Ionidus Caesar

Capital: Megalosembria

State Religion: None

Political Overview:

Economic Overview:

National History:

Political Systems:

Economic Systems:

Important Resources:

Significant Figures:

Societal Overview:

Geographical Overview:

Climate Overview:

Technological Overview:

Military Overview:

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