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The Noocratic Republic of Valcoren

on Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:03 pm

"Η συνετή, η ισχυρή."
- The Prudent, The Strong.
Name of Country: The Noocratic Republic of Valcoren
Nickname: Valcoren, the Noocracy, NRV
Race: Elven
Various Symbols: The Iron Cross (military), the book, the mind, the Great Philosopher
Leader Title: Great Philosopher
Leader Name: Zeno
Capital: Lesbas

State Religion: Composed mostly of ancestral worship, past rulers are usually deemed milestones in history, their ideals to be admired and cherished.

Political Overview: Democratic Noocracy
-Political Systems: Although in theory Valcoren behaves in a democratic manner, this is only for fairly miniscule reasons. Due to the philosophical nature of a Noocracy, Valcoren has adopted a system which allows the general populace (AKA White males) to elect those whom it finds the most intelligent and fit for rule of their nation. Although in theory it may seem refreshingly new for such an old concept, in practice it is easily, and commonly, manipulated. Bribery, manipulation, and false promises and hopes plague such a system, as Philosophers strive for the position of ruler. Little government exists outside the Great Philosopher, his advisers, and the court, however.

Economic Overview: Command Economy
-Economic Systems: Due to the system of governance, Valcoren also believes that the Great Philosopher knows best when it comes to the economy. As a result, the economy is entirely controlled by the Great Philosopher, with aide from an Adviser of Commerce.


National History: An ancient civilization in its own right, Valcoren has long outlived its golden age, through thick and thin. This may not be a good thing, however. In ancient times, it was one of the first democracies - although not as free as the New Republic of Capua by any means, it was a milestone for later civilizations. It prospered for almost 2 millennia, however this changed soon enough. As the Valcoren Empire of old became more and more arrogant, those around and under it grew slowly more and more agitated. This led to the sacking of Homur, a tragic event in Valcoren history, but also a message.

Valcoren fell into disarray. It's central structure in ruins, it slowly split off into several different kingdoms. This would not last long - 50 years after the fall of the Valcoren Empire, a fledgling philosopher was able to take control of one of the most influential kingdoms, Lesbas. This philosopher, Xenon, would soon lead the Kingdom of Lesbas to become the controlling kingdom, all other kingdoms either conquered or persuaded to join them. With Valcoren reasonably once again united, Aristides declared that the Kingdom was no longer a kingdom, but a Noocratic Republic; the Noocratic Republic of Valcoren. In this system, philosopher kings ruled, governing the nation as they saw fit. Although this was initially met with revolt from some citizens, these objectors were easily 'silenced'.

Societal Overview: Crumbling under the weight of an in all means defunct system of governance, the society of Valcoren is surprisingly tolerable, if one is alright with tradition and corruption. Crooked rulers, and nefarious ancestry have slowly twisted a noble concept into a deformed monster. This same taint has spread to a majority of society - hopelessly enforced to cherish unscrupulous leaders and bent ideals, the populace of Valcoren have slowly become either oppressed and discontent, or vile and underhanded.

To ensure this discontent is not acted upon however is the institution of a secret police, or the Secretorum. Through these means, those who dare to rise up against their philosopher kings are 'extinguished', and in most cases those seen as threats to the government are not found, or heard from again. Outside of the oppression and evil of the government, the average Valcorenite is fairly interested in philosophy. Although they aren't given the freedom of expression most governments give their populace, philosophy flourishes. Due to this, Valcorenites are known to move away in hopes of freely expressing opinions on philosophy.

-Significant Figures:
Zeno (Great Philosopher)
Xenon (Philosopher)
Felix (Field Marshal)
Eukliedes (Fleet Admiral)

Technological Overview: Valcoren has always been fairly advanced; the leaders of Valcoren, although corrupt, are aware of how to quell the populace. Through careful advancement of technology, Valcoren has been able to both catch up with those it competes with, on top of the ability to maintain a pleased population. Due to this, it has the ability to procure rather adequate, in terms of advancement, weaponry.

Military Overview: The Valcoren Military is split into two sections, the Republican Army and the Valceron Fleet. The Republican Army is known for vicious cavalry and piercing artillery, although infantry are a considerable weak point of the army. Despite this weakness, all troops are equipped with up-to-date weaponry, providing them with a technological bonus to their low-tech opponents. Speed and firepower are considerably idealized in the military as well.

Other than the might of the cavalry, otherwise known as Valkyries, Valcoren is surprisingly good at long range combat. Sporting excellently trained saboteurs and marksmen, the main infantry may not be the best of the best, however with the aide of these prowlers and the Valkyries, Valcoren is capable of holding its own ground.


Location (on map): Uppermost section of the continent immediately to the west of Kyokai. As well, the small island directly below it.

Geographical and Climate Overview: Dominated by rolling hills and moderate forests, Valcoren is as vast as it is rich. Sporting a moderately gentle climate until one reaches the upper north, Valcoren is known for its large amounts of farmable land and mines which uncover precious metals and ores. The northern edge of Valcoren is made up mostly of ice-capped, looming mountains and frigid climates, although these climates considerable weaken into moderacy due to the ability for currents and winds to freely blow across the lands.

Important Resources: Metal and food are major exports of Valcoren, especially Mythril, although this is somewhat restricted in trade. A closely guarded secret is Valcoren's method of making Silk, a major export of the nation, as it appears to be the only nation capable making such a fabric. Alongside this, Spices are commonly traded with other nations.

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Re: The Noocratic Republic of Valcoren

on Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:31 pm
I like. This is awesome, and you should feel awesome.


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