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The Member Appreciation Thread [for the whole continuum]

on Sun Oct 09, 2011 3:41 pm
So, this is essentially an up-to-date version of the older thread we had here that has long since been archived. It also had some disrespectful shit in it due to the asshattery of past members that came here. So, here it is, and every other member here and abroad over the continuum, please get involved here and show some people your appreciation. After all, we're one big happy community!


Bleach's official list of Members to Appreciate

(I may miss some people so do not take offense Razz )

Shoutout to Pandy Members:

.Alastor: I haven't been on any other forum and seen a kinder admin than you. You not only care for the community as though we were all relatives, but you also help all of us when we need it. There is nothing but good things to say about you.

.Cheeky: An all around great guy. I met you on the LOTR forums as one of the first people who truly welcomed me in a a member. Ever since then, we have talked to each other and got to know each other. EPICLY intelligent and a smart poster, with a bit of a humorous side.

.Muffin: I haven't really gotten to know you very much for the months that I have spent almost every day on here, but I would like to. From what I have seen, you are intelligent and a respectable person and valued to these forums.

.Yankee hater: It is funny, because usually I am not into the Red Sox at all, and I am a HUGE fan of the Yankees, so when I first saw your name, I was a bit offended. Which may be weird because my Best Friend is an avid Red Sox fan. But now, I think of you as an very cool guy who anyone could talk to and come to like. You are a smart dude, and you love PIE... possibly more than I do!

.Taep: I don't know you as well, but we have talked before. You are a very cool guy and fun to talk to. Intelligent and well spoken are things that would identify you.

.#1merc: Cool guy, got to know him pretty well because of the fan fics. Intelligent, intelligent posted and has a sense of humor.

.Sandwich One of the first to greet me upon my entering Pandemic in early August. Definatly a cool guy to talk to. Intelligent poster.

.Kane I got to know you from the forum games and you are a cool guy to talk to. Always level-headed and has never gotten into a fight that I have ever seen.

.merc1 Definitely a good friend of mine when it comes to the forums. Very smart in his words and posts. Fun to talk with, and very hilarious when he wants to be. Good times making co-op story together.

.Soviet: Yes, you and I have had our differences in the past, and have gotten into fights over MSN and in other forums, but, you are still one of my very good friends. I respect you a lot for sticking to something you believe in, even if most other people do not agree with you, that takes some cajones my friend. You can be funny sometimes, serious, and smart... you also make some of the greatest war RPG's that I have indeed ever played, I am sure one day you will make a very successful one that lasts for a long while. Keep up the hard work in all you do. =)

.Bleh32 Even though some people only see the banned side of him, as well as the negative comments, I see that all in a different way. He is fun to talk to and you can have a very intelligent conversation with him. He likes Family Guy, LOTR and Halo... which is a plus. The comments he makes, I wouldn't say are negative but more constructive criticisms.

.Beacon One of the Veterans of the Lord of the Rings forum in my book. He is very cool and makes intelligent posts. He is also one of the nicest members on the forums in my opinion.

.Redthunder Very smart guy whom I talked to in iNations after I joined. Always makes intelligent posts, has a sense of humor, and also has never gotten into any fights with others.

.DJA First talked to him in the forum games I think. He is funny and very smart in the posts he makes. I get the feeling he is a history buff like me because of his choice of Games.

.Ocelot Got to know him while playing iNation. Will stand up for what he believes in and makes intelligent posts.

.AiRsTrIkE Even though we have had our differences(mostly concerning forum game eligibility) I totally respect him. He is very intelligent and knows WAY more about modern war than I will ever know.

.Sungris He hasn't been on in a while, but me and him got along quite well. He is very funny and also down to earth and intelligent. As a bonus, he also likes Anime and Manga like I do.

.Bangaro Relatively new to these forums, I at first didn't talk much to him but then after I had, he is a very cool guy. Witty, but overall humorous on occasion. The only negative thing I could think of to tell you is to stop thinking you are so stupid... I know you aren't. Wink

.mercs22 Gotten to know pretty well since we started to talk on the forum games. Very cool and smart with posts. He also has a funny side and likes Star Wars and Halo.

.Freek Never really got to know you, but I know that you are a very valued member to the Conquest forums. I also joined your site... but sadly I haven't been on in a while. This is one guy, I would like to get to talk with.

.Jeff Very funny guy, I met first on iNation. You gotta like his style and sense of humor which adds a little bit of color to the forums. I also like how he isn't afraid to be the only tyrannical dictator in iNation... believe me... he shows it.

.Jonny I have gotten to know you very much through out my relatively short time being here. A smart poster and has a humorous side as well. Gotta love his forum games as well! Not to mention you made the best forum RPG of all time on here...

.Bareandir I think I have talked to him only a couple of times.. which is a shame because he is a really cool guy and quite intelligent. He also has posted the much needed and valuable information on Conquest.

.Mantis At first we didn't talk much, but I have grown to know you and consider you a good friend. A like your sence of humor and you tasty Mantis Cookies (which I have 2 of so far).

.Type1337 Not much to say for him aside from that he is a FREAKIN' AWESOME GUY. He is very intelligent and is funny at times. Good times on iNation.

.Slax Sadly, he is almost never on when I am, but when he is, we talk. I don't think he has ever been in a fight before on these forums and he seems very laid back. He also has joined many of my games.

.Spyn At first I wasn't sure about you when I met you playing my Apocalypse. But after I got to know you, I know that you are very intelligent and funny. You have so far been in two of my games, and I hope you join others that I make. You also like Dynasty Warriors which is awesome, I know no one else who does on these forums.

.Blakkfox We don't talk much, but when we have we have gotten along. You are a witty poster and fun to talk to.

.Khamul I think you have joined every game I have made here... which is very cool. You are very intelligent and never get into fights. I am glad there are people like you on these forums, because if there weren't, this would probably suck.

.Warden Very cool dude, who has been in some of my games. Awesome RPer and intelligent in his decisions and posts.

.NinjaKid I haven't gotten to really know you yet, but hopefully we will get the chance. You seem like a pretty cool guy.

.NIA You tend to think that everyone around you hates your guts... but that is BS. Since the day you showed up here, I knew you would be a cool guy. It was because of your positive attitude and you KICK@$$ avatar of Evil Monkey why I started talking to you.

.Captain Araujo I talk to you a lot, mostly on forum games. Very cool guy and a great RPer. Never gets into fights and makes for a good talk. He even joined Conquest Mania, and now we hang out on there too.

.Patzo 3000 I know him from the forum game universe too. Very funny and positive guy who always seems to have problems with his Caps Lock key. Is it sticky or something? Get that **** fixed! LOL But really, get to know him because he is a cool guy.

.Omega59er Sadly you haven't been on in a long time, but when we talked, you and I got along real well. You and I both like LOTR and anime which is SWEET and you are an all around great person to get to know.

.Ronald w 4 Another great person people should get to know. A MASSIVE LOTR fan, like me. We can have an intelligent conversation on anything, and he is easy to get to know. I finally got him to post elsewhere than the Conquest forums just recently!

.Tonyiommi 14 I haven't talked to you in a while, but I got to know you from my recently departed iNations 2 The Revolutions. You are a great RPer and like good music.

.Gothmog Now, I talk to him a lot, mostly on Conquest Mania, but we did talk on the LOTR: C forums here too. He is awesome to get to know, and he may just be more in the know of the Lore of LOTR than me!

.Canterbury Cool dude who I have just recently started to talk to more. Intelligent and artistic are some attributes. I will have to watch more of your MS Paint LOTR movies because they are SWEET!

.Darkenmal I have gotten to know you pretty well since I joined. Intelligent with a funny side, most noticeably in Lord of the Hobo's.

.Last Alliance In my opinion, he is a vet of the LOTR: C forums and sadly, I haven't talked to him in a while. He is a major contributor to these forums and very knowledgeable of LOTR.

.ThElderGod Awesome guy who I really got to know here on the forum games. I have talked to him more and more and met the funny, intelligent person that he is. Now, as he is the moderator on Mania, I got to know him even more.

.Nazgulian Met him as one of the first people on LOTR: C forums. Definitely one of the vets of those forums IMO. VERY intelligent and sticks to his beliefs. I should get to know you better and talk more.

.Stevurn Now I know you more a Stephen because of Mania. I really got to know you there, but I think we talked here. You are a cool, and intelligent guy to talk to.

.Mercguy 16 I should get to know you, I think you are relatively new to these forums... but idk. You seem to be a cool guy to get to know. Lets talk sometime!

.Boom Boom One of those people that make me laugh on these forums. He is very funny and also very intelligent. He is a great RPer and has joined some of my games I think.

.Mattias Belmont Relatively new here, I would just like to say, you are a cool guy and I'm glad you talk with me. Intelligent poster and funny sometimes. He also has posted comments on some of my fan fics which otherwise are unnoticed by everyone else. Thank you for that Mattias.

.Crazy Ninja Man/ MercGuy16: He is a newer person that I have just begun to talk to on these forums. Always respectful and kind to others. Also, he likes Halo like me and reads my story, An ODST Story.

.Kumquat: Never really talked to him before on here, but recently I have. He is a really cool guy, likes AC2, and is quite intelligent.

.Mario Filho: Awesome guy, usually joins the forum games that I have made. He is a great RPer, and it is a shame that he is on less often. He has also joined every one of my sites, which is always a plus.

.Darth Vader: Haven't really gotten to know him much, but after a while he grows on ya...

.Goro: Haven't talked to you in a looong time, but I think we have been in some games together, and you have commented on some fan fics of mine. Generally, you are a nice person, never really get into fights with others [that I know of], and we have never had any problems, so... pretty awesome guy. Oh, he speaks Spanish, which is cool since I took Spanish class up until Spanish 4 in HS. =D

.Pigger: One of my pals from across seas. We have talked personally over XBL chat and you seemed like a really cool person (I think I was playing Gears 2... ). We have never gotten into any fights on here or another site, you are generally pretty funny many times, and posts intelligently. So, kudos to you man!

.dombom: I am surprised I forgot you, but then again... I am adding stuff yet again to an old list. Either way, you are another friend from across seas who I respect highly. You have an interesting sense of humor, and I have been able to talk to you personally over MSN and on other sites. You are also intelligent and a good person to have a conversation with.

.Wiiper: Awesome person, nuff said. But really, he is really cool to talk too, has joined a couple of RP's here that I have been in, I think he was also in LSotJO which is another plus. He is funny, smart, and hasn't gotten into any fights that I know of.

.Killa: One of the others whom I have surprisingly forgot to add to my ever growing list. He is an awesome person to have a conversation with, he is smart, funny, and has made some really nice RP's in the past. He has joined every one of my forums sites, which is another plus.


Shoutout to RPGF:

NoweAll around awesome person to talk to. Met in first on MSN thanks to a very temporary site affiliation. We kept in touch, and I later joined their site, learning the ways of TRUE forum RPGing. He is absolutely hilarious, very smart, and knows enough about internet memes to have a delightfully nerdy convo with me. Mad probs to the hizzy yo!

Redocat: Met him in the same manner as Nowe. He is a great person to talk to, especially on MSN. He is very very intelligent, despite his younger age. He knows quite a bit about politics, so it is nice to have a good in-depth convo on that subject, along with history. He is yet another amazing RPer, and comes from Canada, which is pretty coolio.

Dark_Warden: Very cool person whom I have met on RPGF. He has been in most of the RP's that I have made, and I talk to him on MSN, so I have been able to really know him. He is smart, makes intelligent posts, never gets into fights with others, and is another Star Wars fan like me, as well as a LOTR fan!

Vith: I got to know you a bit after the time I joined RPGF. You seem to be quiet and keep to yourself and those whom you know better. Once I was able to talk to you through MSN, we have become good friends I think. He is very cool, calm and collected. =D He is another anime fan like me, and knows tons on FF, something that I have always been interested in looking into. He has also joined most of my RP's on RPGF, along with my other sites.

Chef: He is relatively new to RPGF, but probably only by a month or two since I joined there. He is a fun guy to talk to, has joined my various RP's and is very nice. No bad points really. =)

Lyon: I haven't talked to you much until now. You are a pretty good RPer from what I understand, although you have never been in one of my own RP's... until OM comes out. I have a feeling you have an MSN, but either you are never on it, or I do not have you on my friends list...

Dr. Vanilla Pie: He is a new member who has joined my Shini RP on RPGF. He seems to be the laid back type of individual, which I really dig, since I am also the same way. He is a pretty good RPer, although he could post a bit more sometimes. Hopefully I will be able to talk to him more while I am at RPGF.

Raiton: You joined a while back, and yet have not been on in a while, which is a bit of a bummer. He is a cool person to talk to, is another anime fan, and RP's pretty well. I have a feeling my game is the only one he is involved with at the moment. I hope he comes back soon.

King Cal: You are also new at RPGF. Very cool I suppose, I haven't really talked to him much, but he did join Shini. I hope he is on more and we can get to talk.

Phantom: I am going to have to talk to you more, you seem like a really cool person. You aren't on much, or you are on when I am not....


Shoutout to my own members

Duckling: You are one of the few girls who come to my site, but it is one more that visits more than Pandy, which has next to 15,000 + members... so that is saying something. I talk to you all the time on MSN, and I can tell you are very nice. I like how you don't get angry easily with others, and that you are kind to most people unless they seem to piss you off for some reason or another. Another plus is that you are the sis of kmag. =)

Vol: I know you personally since you go to my own school. You are a crazy kid with a lot of shenanigans with I appreciate most of all. haha, we have good times on here and senior study... I hope you finally come back soon and post more often *cough OM *cough*. We miss you, you bum!

Aest: You haven't joined here yet, but you were from EAG so that is why I am including you. I hope you join, because you were a pretty cool person, a Bethesda fan like me (Oblivion FTW), and you are pretty smart. Hope to see ya again.

Lexci: You are yet another girl who actually visits the sites, which up our reputation for being awesome. XD, but in all seriousness, I am glad DJ recruited you back on SGS, because you are a fun person to talk too, you are kind to everyone, and you have a fun personality. Hope to see ya around here more.

Bleach: Yes, I felt that at the end, I should appreciate myself for at least something. I have made this list, so there, I rock!

In the spoiler tags is essentially the older, out-of-date version of the Appreciation Thread, below shall be the new version. Enjoy reading if you wish!



Spec / Durandal: I'm putting you first because I forgot to add you to the old list (probably because I didn't know you in 2009 at the time). Spec, for these past two years, we've been friends I'd say, and I'm glad to have you around here at LS and RPGF. Though you tend to be a bit sarcastic over MSN chats, I'm okay with that, you brighten up the conversation and continue to add valued input. I couldn't imagine a set of forums without you around, I think it'd be boring and without as much character as it could have. Keep being yourself and never let life get you down.

Redcoat: Of course you'd be up here on the appreciation list. Pfft, goes to show us all just how much of a [negative] impact you have on all our lives. But in all seriousness, there's a reason that even during your absence I never took you down as our Co-Administrator here. I always value your opinions and judgements, no matter how far they are from my own beliefs. Of course, sometimes I may rage quit on you, or we might not agree on something, but I think perhaps that has made us closer as friends. I've known you for probably... three/four years and have had a lot of fun - I hope that there's more in store as well. Red, please continue to anglophile-it-up and whatever else you do there in Canada - LS and the Continuum wouldn't be the same without all of it.

Nowe: As of late, we haven't talked a whole hell of a lot - we both are busy with our own things I think. However, I'd just like to say that I respect you a lot, especially for the lengths to which you would go to see RPGF stay online. Your rantings toward me during the issues that seemed to plague that part of the continuum opened my eyes - I hope you show up again at some point so we can all chat again. I need more people to talk about anime with too, and Shadow of Oblivion has been a bit lonely without you! I hope you're doing well!

Khamul / Madden / Joe: Joe, I've known you since the dawn of my life on the Pandemic Studios Forums - you're a great guy and I hope you continue to shop up around here and get a bit more involved. Our MSN chats have been fun and I hope they continue for a long time more. So, for all of our sakes, continue to bring your witty Scottish humor around the Continuum.

Vith / Vithar: You're about as silent as a ninja, and I think you probably have about as much wrath and cunning as one. It's always a pleasure to speak with you when I can, and our conversations on Japanese history and culture are always fun. For once, I hope we're in the same RP again, TftS was fun on RPGF (all three times) - maybe another one is in store?

Canterbury: I wish you were online a bit more - alongside Vith, you're a bit of a sage to the forums - especially here at LS. Though it is largely not commented on, when you do post, I'm always pleased to say it is something interesting / profound, or otherwise amusing. I only wished that you made a bit of effort and joined up in an RP, or even better, you made an RP. With your wise demeanor, I'm sure you could create something great! Perhaps a psychological thriller type? I suppose one can only hope....

Killamanhunter: You're online consistently, and I'm glad that you're one of the loyal Pandemites that continue to visit. I don't know what happened to all the other (are they all still at Alastor's site??). Anyway, I hope you also start to join in on some of the games around here or the Continuum - I for one remember the games you participated in with me at Pandy. I hope to see you around more often Killa!

Armos: I've recently started to get to know you. Although relatively new around here, you have made the obvious effort to become "one of us", and truly you have pulled it off. Perhaps you're about as insane as the rest of us now. I suppose time can only tell. Thank you for joining up in EPICivilizations and all the other games over the Continuum - and most of all, thank you for putting up with, or participating in, all of our crazed shenanigans.

Maik / Maikuolan: Other than the fact that you might very well be a genius in the making, and I respect you highly as a member and friend - you're Australian, and that counts for something! I couldn't imagine the forums without you around - that month that you were gone was painfully slow for all of us I think - the game activity seemed to reflect that, about as much as MSN chats. I hope you're doing well and the bug you caught from Vietnam is fading away! I hope to see you soon around here Maik!

Desertback: You never get the credit that you deserve Desert, so I for one shall do that just now. You are one of the loyal Pandemites that continue to show up around here, and for that I'm grateful. Also, you consistently join or attempt to create new and interesting games, and also bring the creativity and imagination in your posts. You're learning constantly, I can see it just as clearly as anyone here that you have improved immensely in the RP section - perhaps there are a few spelling / grammatical errors about in some posts, but what's important is that the effort you give for each one is evident. Thank you for showing up Desert, and I hope you continue to do so!

Ducky / Duckling: You haven't been on in a while, obviously due to your involvement with college and thus always busy ( a bit like myself really ), but I'm always happy to see you when you're logged in on online on MSN - even if just for a little bit. Honestly, I miss Weathersfield, and all of your cheeky and fun posts around here. I also miss the massive conversations we have had in the past on MSN and the SGS Chatbox - those were hilarious. Maybe I'll see you around more often after a while - I hope college is going well for you and hope everything is going well!

Archer / John Archer: I wish we talked more often on MSN and at RPGF because your knowledge in engineering and aerodynamics simply baffles me. You'll go far... realllly realllly far. Those ten page long posts you make on logistical information is enough to confirm such a thing. Perhaps someday you'll join another game I'm in - I'll look forward to the day, I've heard you're quite the RPer.

Tonyiommi: Remember the good ole' days on Pandy? Same here, and I remember you being a good RPer, at least in iNations II: Revolutions - as you mentioned with nostalgia below. You've been quiet, despite the fact that you continue to come to these forums - I hope one day you end up joining an RP here or over the Continuum at RPGF or GJ. I'd love to have another vet to play a game with again.

Chef: Much like Spec, you can be a bit sarcastic sometimes, but I think that's what makes you awesome. Trolling others and chatting with you on MSN is always somewhat of a joy, and it's even better when it all translated into a good RP. Having you as a fellow GM for a game is always fun, even when some of our games fell to inactivity... whatever. Choosing you as an admin here, I think, was one of the best moves I have made here at LS - thanks for sticking around and putting up with my (and Red's) bullshit.

WIP, but here it is so far. Enjoy the read.

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Re: The Member Appreciation Thread [for the whole continuum]

on Sun Oct 09, 2011 8:02 pm
Oh man, I forgot how fun iNations 2 was back on Pandemic.
*Nostalgic thoughts*
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Re: The Member Appreciation Thread [for the whole continuum]

on Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:23 pm
A good time is always had on MSN no matter who is involved, especially those in the large chats.

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Re: The Member Appreciation Thread [for the whole continuum]

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