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Templar Order New Solaris Establisment [Attn:Red,Maik,Arm,Lyon,Werl]

on Sat Oct 01, 2011 3:23 am
Sent by Dux Desislav Dmitriev, Dux of New Solaris and President of the T.O.S.N.S.
To be received the following countries.
Date: 13 September 1572

The old regime of New Solaris is gone and we The Templar Order have been replaced. We understand with the former government attitude to outside countries was threating but I the Dux send our gratitude and promise in order to prevent any conflict between our countries. We ask for recognition of our government. We as the new government have only two priorities. The first is to rebuild our nation. The second is to fight our enemy and soon to be yours The Legion.

There will be questions and we are willing to ask them. I know that there are some countries that are still in war with the old government and we ask that there will be peace instead.

If you accept our government we will do the same. This will allow your ambassador to join a branch that in our government called the Extrarius Divortium (Foreign Division). Your ambassadors would be legally allowed to speak not only to the Templar Order Senate of New Solaris but to me directly.

The bellow is our first law which will tell you what are plans will be.

Templar Order Senate of New Solaris : Act Rebirth

Dux of New Solaris & President of Templar Order Senate of New Solaris

Desislav Dmitriev -- D13

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Re: Templar Order New Solaris Establisment [Attn:Red,Maik,Arm,Lyon,Werl]

on Sat Oct 01, 2011 1:02 pm
Sent Per Will of President Antony Lassale of the Republic of Capua;
To Be Received by Dux Desislav Dmitriev of New Solaris and President of the Templars.
Dated 19 September 1572.
Dear Desislav,

It is my pleasure to announce that as of this morning, through the Diplomatic Recognition Act 1572 enacted into law by the Senate and National Assembly, this Republic recognizes the Templar government as the sole legitimate sovereign authority over the territories, possessions or holdings of the old Solari state under the late Elite General, minus those territories, possessions, or holdings awarded to the occupying powers under the Armistice Treaties. In addition, recognition of the Solari state on the Republic's part is contingent on the Solari upkeep of other treaty provisions, including the demilitarization of Sperare Impero.

I am equally eager to announce that Republican food aid to the Solari people will continue on its present timetable despite the government change, and that it shall be the policy of this Nation and this office to seek peaceful coexistence with the new Templar government wherever this is possible, that the wounds of war may be healed, that Dwarf and Man may live together in harmony until the end of time.

Let it be so.

Antony Lassale
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