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Raven Fleet

on Thu Sep 29, 2011 2:39 pm
Since, technically, they're their own people now, I thought that I'd do a quick write-up on Theron and his mans.

Name of Country: Raven Fleet
Nickname: Ravens
Race: Elves
Motto: Through Power, Victory.
Flag: A black raven on a red field.
Location (on map): SIC.
Various Symbols: Generally a Raven is the only one they use.
Leader Title: Grand Admiral
Leader Name: Theron
Capital: Theron's flagship, the Raven's Wing, wherever it is.
State Religion: Worship of Serasse
Political Overview: Theron's word is law, but he allows his captains a great deal of leeway in terms of the destruction of enemy ships or looting of coastal towns.
Economic Overview: With such a formidable fleet as the Ravens, money is easy to come by. All they need to do is someone who has it, and then take it.

National History: The Raven Fleet is a group of deserters from the Erynnen Navy. After Theron's double-dealing with the government of Solaris was exposed by the Capuans and brought to the attention of High Captain Ciltesse, Ciltesse cast them out and declared them outlaws. They are currently headed as far from Erynnen waters as they can go.

Political Systems: A loose confederation of captains, held together by their loyalty to Theron and the efficacy of his leadership.

Economic Systems: Piracy. The Fleet currently has no lands of its own, but there is no shortage of coastal villages to raid or ships to commandeer.

Important Resources: N/A

Significant Figures: Grand Admiral Theron, the current leader of the Fleet.

Societal Overview: N/A

Geographical Overview: N/A

Climate Overview: N/A

Technological Overview: Erynnen technology they posessed at the time of their desertion, as well as whatever they have managed to steal from the ships they have pirated.

Military Overview: The current military consists of the Raven Fleet, Theron's four elite ships. In addition, twenty standard Erynnen warships sail alongside him. Though this was only slightly more than a tenth of the Erynnen fleet at the time of their desertion, they can attack without fear of diplomatic repercussions, as most of the countries in the world have already declared war against them.
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