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A Cold War Heats Up

on Sun Sep 25, 2011 12:34 am
A flier distributed in The Dominion has stirred up talk throughout the empire. It reads,

Curaidach Soldiers Slaughter Ironhull Children, Soldiers Report

Chaos on the northern border as Curaidach soldiers heartlessly slaughter a group of children who played in a field on our side of the border. Paroling Dominion Troopers witnessed the massacre but were too late on retaliating as the enemy retreated back to the safety of their fortifications.

Who are we to allow the slaughter of our youth to pass without proper justice? Who are we to sit back and allow the fiend in the north to continue their acts? Chancellor Dempsy calls on the people to enlist in the army and navy in preparation for any chance of Curaidach assaults on the Motherland.

On the back was an detailed picture of the Chancellor standing in front of the Ironhull Flag, leading soldiers into battle. It was captioned, "For the Motherland!" Enlistment rates increased drastically after news of the "event" spread throughout Ironhull.
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Re: A Cold War Heats Up

on Sun Sep 25, 2011 8:45 am
OOC: Fantastic propaganda on your part, Armos. You've just made your people cry for war with that little white lie. Nice one! Razz

New spread quickly of that lying arses propaganda. There was a few skirmishes on the border forts after the flier was sent that were quickly dealt with. They were in their 20's, and were in a small group of 5. They were taking potshots at the forts yelling things at the men, when a group of 3 soldiers rode out on horse back. The boys were pitiful, you could see the veins very clearly on the back of their hands, they were skin and bone and this was clearly their first combat. They were shot once each in the head. They weren't worth any dramatics. On their person, a soldier found a flier that the Chancellor sent. It was reeking of propaganda. It was sent to Acarsaid from the border fort and arrived the next night.

Drochasal read through it and wrote a letter attached to the flier. The quick, informaly written message read:

Dear Antony,

I apologise if you prefer a bit more royalty and grandness in the letters you recieve, but this is of utmost importance, and needs to be sent straight away.

Attached to this letter, you will see a flier. Im hoping an intellegent person like you will sniff the reeking propaganda ascending from the text. This was found among militant attackers who were firing on one of my border forts. You know yourself of my culture, that I only attack those worthy, able and capable of a fight, or those who feel the same about me. This mantra does not mean that I would slaughter children. Such a waste of life would sicken me to the core.

I hope you see through these blatant lies. Attached is another few letters, which was titled 'A warning' from the dominion, and my responses to said warning. This is them threatening me to lower my defenses, when I have done no harm whatsoever. I am installing soldiers into towns next to my border. I think you know of his expansionist nature, and his perhaps rash actions due to his inexperience and youth.

I am not a conspirator by nature, but the recent attack by Theron on my shores, accompanied by the fact he completely disregarded this attack as a reason to bolster my defenses, and he seems to want to initiate a full blown war against Curaidach... It seems more and more that they are allied. I do not wish to creat any friction but I am already at war with both of them, and they are certainly not attacking eachother as they have promised, or else such propaganda letters would have circulated about Therons treacherous ways. I have sent more ships to the main fleet that we should have amassed by now, accompanied by a letter of warning to my men that Ironhull must not be trusted. I hope you will do the same.

I hope you have the perception to see through this pile of shit to see what, precisely, Ironhull is up to.

Drochasal VII.


The letter was dispatched with seven war frigates. It just got more serious. The borders were bolstered more than ever, with makeshift camps being erected along the borders.

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Re: A Cold War Heats Up

on Sun Sep 25, 2011 10:00 am
Sent Per Will of President Antony Lassale of the Republic of Capua;
To Be Received by Drochasal VII of Curaidach.
Dated 15 March 1572.
Dear Drochasal,

The content of this correspondence misquemes my government's sensibilities in the utmost, and the Republic would not believe for a fleeting moment that your nation would willingly engage in such sordid pursuits.

Rest assured that the Republic will, should Ironhull march on Curaidach, defend her ally to the utmost of her capabilities, punish the guilty, and work towards a lasting peace in the region--I do believe you understand what that would entail. Effective immediately I am directing forces in the southern Provinces to begin mobilization as per the requirements of my nation's status of defence condition one. We will be ready at any time to set sail and assist you.

However, the Republic must not be so rash as to march immediately. We must extend, even to Ironhull, our wish that negotiations be performed in an effort to resolve the situation peacefully. Though I am cynical as to the outcome of these negotiations--the Dominion has never struck the Republic as being a power capable of much measure of diplomacy--it is politically important in both my country and on the world stage that the olive branch be thoroughly exhausted first.

Please inform us of the result of negotiations.

Antony Lassale
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Re: A Cold War Heats Up

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