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One Nation Two Sides

on Sat Sep 24, 2011 1:37 am
After the civil war in the capital both factions take control of different areas. The New Solaris Templars control majority of the north including the capital city. The Legion on the other hand has the southern part of New Solaris with no established city.

The civil war is still continuing but in small clashes. While the Templars repair the the cities the Legion spread signs all over the country side each stating "Those who are not pure will see no more anymore". The Legion has sworn to eliminate the Capuans and all non human that dare to cross sacred land.

The Templars announce martial law in the capital only having the city gates open for short periods of time. The city that shed blood shed cleans it self up and repairing the damage. Many citizens are mad at the fact of Capuan forces in New Solaris but the leaders of the Templars ask those to not fight and only protect it self.
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Re: One Nation Two Sides

on Sat Sep 24, 2011 11:26 am
THE TIMES, 20 March 1572.
Public Security in the New Territories Act 1572 enacted by Parliament

In a special session of the Senate and National Assembly yesterday, the Public Security in the New Territories Act, presented by Prime Minister Jacques Neuvo of the Liberal Party, passed with support from all three major parties.

Though it does not have any ramifications for the legal system governing the established provinces, it does apply to the New Territories and Republican citizens residing there. Intended to "secure public order" in the New Territories, the Act relates to sedition, the distribution, making or possession of androsupremacist literature, subversive activities, membership in "organizations hostile to the public safety", and treason. All of these activities have been hit with harsh prison sentences, harsher prison sentences, or new methods of enforcement. In addition, the act declares a state of "executive government" in the New Territories.

Conservative MP Jean-Jacques Vanier has praised the bill, speaking in the National Assembly as to its "prudence" and "anticipated beneficial effect on the Solari people". Liberal MP Joseph Barthélémy agreed with his counterpart, praising the "iron resolve" shown by the law, but also stating reservations as to the "indeterminate and vague" nature of the bill, expressing his hope that it may be "an emergency, stopgap measure", a sentiment echoed by his party and most of the opposition Conservatives. Radical officials were unavailable for comment.

The announcement of the new law came shortly before an announcement by the President's Office that "new executive orders will ensure that the Republican Army may enforce the Assembly's will". The Armed Forces has announced that five thousand new Bluejackets are to be deployed to the New Territories in the next few months.

Jean Evrard, professor of political science at the University of Ruthenia, has praised the Government's position, but warns that it will meet with success "if and only if it is followed up by an expansion in aid and pacification measures", pointing to Capuan history as an example of how "a people cannot be truly governed by force alone".

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