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The Kyokan Chronicle -- Western Fleet Mobilization

on Sun Sep 04, 2011 4:43 pm
--- The Kyokan Chronicle - 協会クロニクル ---
Issue: 1/18/1572

In response to the recent events of piracy to the West, the Shogun has formally made his viewpoint clear on the world stage. Our Lord's opposition to the piracy at the hands of the Great Admiral Theron, formally of the Erynnen Archipelago, has been similarly taken by other great nations, most notably our friends across the Great Ocean, the Republic for Capua. Of course, nothing has been set in stone as far as international activities, however various acts and propositions have been passed by the Bakufu at the Shogun's persistence.

The first decree passed, the Safe Harbors and Seas Act - 1572 has been passed just this last Saturday in response to the threat of port-side smuggling and contraband. Though regularly deemed an infringement of the Trades Laws, the Shogun has called for this act to permanently legalize search and seizure of of any suspicious vessel that makes port in Kyokai, or similarly moors in our waters. Such policies will be directly upheld by the Kyokan Coast Guard (KCG) and the Shogunal Navy. This means of course, that goods will be forcefully checked to make sure illegal, or otherwise harmful products and items are not brought into the country - this has been passed as a matter of National Security.

The second policy passed was the immediate blockade and embargo of ALL pirated items coming in from Erynnen. This of course highly depends on the Safe Harbors and Seas Act and its success on the grand scheme. If a ship bears no flag, it shall be deemed unsafe in passage and turned away by signal man. If the ship continues to approach, the military may take control of the situation and either board the vessel, or engage it as an enemy. All Kyokan citizens owning unlicensed ships have been ordered to get into contact with their local or prefectural Port Authorities in order to take responsibility for their vessels. All foreign vessels must bear the flag of their country, or some form of identification to avoid unnecessary issues.

The last policy, directly related to Acts one and two, is likely the most important. A medium scale "mobilization" has been ordered temporarily for the Shogunal Navy's Western Fleet. Of course, this is in response to the piracy threat by Kyokan waters. Both the Coast Guard, and the Shogunal Navy have not only called veteran soldiers back to duty, but have begun recruiting all over the country. Boys up to 17 years of age may sign up, any younger (16) must be with parental permission.

Currently, the ships have been patrolling our waters off the coasts of Kyokai, keeping watch for any suspicious activity. Similarly, soldiers have been stationed at the ports in their hometown regions - shifts depending on their other work schedules (considering the current economic downturn). According to Vice-Admiral Touho Genzaburo of the Sima District of the Kanto Prefecture in Ezojima; "The waters have been about as busy as Eidou's streets. Even the flagships are out. Luckily for us, the only ships boarded and searched have been civilian vessels that were unlicensed before the call. Please, license your ships, this will give our men peace of mind!"

Please wait for the next issue: 1/25/1572

-- Written by Chronicler Kentou Yubata --
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