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Rebirth Of A War Torn Country

on Sat Sep 03, 2011 2:09 am
The citizens of New Solaris have realized their misfortune. New Solaris has lost the war which is something that unbelievable. Two cities that where once called home are now gone. Every man and woman from peasants to the Generals that lead this nation are stunned including Darko.

On the night of Defeat when Darko signed surrender was his last day on this earth. The Elite General walked into his war room and took his life. The news of his death was known all over New Solaris. Even Darkos note became public.

Darkos Last Words

I the Elite General have brought this country to shame. In this country we are praised to be the elites of this world. But this world has changed to our disadvantage. I will no longer will be serving as the Elite General or even a citizen of this great country. Instead I will end my existence at a tip of the dagger. The world hated me and was willing to kill the citizens of this nation just to destroy me. They have not won this war but I nor have I. New Solaris might be the same or it might change. But it does not matter to me because my failure to keep this nation safe shuns me even in my dreams.

May New Solaris rise again like a Phoenix


Darko De Luca Ex Elite General of New Solaris

Every sector of the government is in a stalemate. All want their choice to run this country while others say its time for New Solaris to change. Change is coming soon.
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