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[SIC] From the War Room

on Thu Sep 01, 2011 10:02 pm
LOCATION: Top Secret
DATE: 10 January, 1572
TIME: 20:00:35
ATTENDEES: Chancellor Dempsy, Commander Remer, Admiral Sol, Chief Richter
SUBJECT: The Sudden Mobilization of Cuiradach Forces to the Northern Border and Police actions on the Theron Pirates
Start of Meeting: 20:00 hrs
Wilhelm: This meeting has been called in response to the Cuiradach forces being moved closer to our border. This is of deep concern since the Arbiter had publicly announced his will to end isolationist ideals. This movement can easily be interpreted as a threat to our security. Remer, what do you suggest should be our response?
Remer: I suggest we move additional forces to the northern border, dissuade our neighbors from continuing their actions.
Richter: And what if THEY see our actions as a threat and continue placing soldiers on the border? Do we continue to build up our forces and begin a constant game back and forth?
Remer: Of course not! We also mobilize our newest cannons. I'm sure you have seen them Richter, your eyes ARE everywhere. Their sheer size and caliber of shot should intimidate Cuiradach from continuing their actions.
Sol: Do you WANT war to be issued between us and them? Sir, i say we allow the current amount of soldiers to stay where they are on both sides. Eventually it will die down and things SHOULD return to normal.
Wilhelm: Well then Sol, what do you propose we do with this pirate threat?
Sol: Simple. We send out our navy under the control of Captain Frantz. I trust his leadership abilities and this would be the perfect time to test out both his tactical ability and our Navy.
Wilhelm: You want us to send out FRANTZ? He has just returned from capture in Solaris and Capua finally released him to us only two months ago!
Sol: The man has recovered! His men are talking about how much he wishes to be back out at sea! He is ready!
Remer: Well then, if he is as ready as you say why not send him out with some of our new experimental vessels. Hand over the new flagship with our modification for his use.
Sol:I WILL Remer. And watch as he is victorious in battle.
Remer: I will once reports are sent in of his combat prowess
Richter: ENOUGH! This bickering is exactly what caused the downfall of Grushna, let it not happen here.
Wilhelm: Though we do not mention that name anymore i agree with Richter. Let our arguing stop. In order to achieve the seat of power we desperately desire we must have peace between our branches. In the meantime, We will send 600 men to each of the northern forts. Send along some of our new Strom Cannons to the north. As for the sea. Allow Frantz control and he will have command of our navies, including the Thron and our new line of ships. As for now, this meeting is adjourned.
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