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Declaration of Existence (ATTN ALL)

on Wed Aug 31, 2011 5:56 pm
A message was delivered with haste to all of the civilisations of the world. It was kept in a small white envelope with the Arbiters seal: A crimson, blood-coloured seal, bearing the symbol of a Shield. It was delivered with the upmost safety and was promised to hold important information for the rest of the world. It was a Declaration of Existence from The Arbiter, Drochasal VII of Curaidach. It was a short letter, but introduced a new nation, capable of standing at the world stage and making a performance to remember.

Free peoples in the position of power,

I am Drochasal VII, and I am the hereditary leader of my great nation of Curaidach I have taken the time and effort to learn most of your languages (Kyokan had me up very late) so that I may better have better communications with you all. My father, Drochasal VI, would never have dreamed of penning what I am doing here in my city of Acarsaid. I want you all to know that I am who I am, and am not going to suffer my father’s decisions due to a bloodline. I respect other cultures and am willing to learn of them. (Again, I apologise if my words are poorly chosen, as Basic is not my first language)

My people are a proud race, with a flourishing culture that spans millennia. I, however, am going to write a new chapter in my countries history. I put a proposition to you, People of the world, to establish contact with my proud and productive nation of Curaidach. Trade and military agreements will be established through letters and diplomats. I hope to have agreements with some of you, and that we can further this Earth to greatness.

Regards, Drochasal VII.

Thank you.
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Re: Declaration of Existence (ATTN ALL)

on Wed Aug 31, 2011 6:48 pm
Sent by will of the Dominion Chancellor Wilhelm Dempsy;
To be Received by Drochasal VII, Arbiter of Curaidach.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As your neighbor, let Ironhull open its arms to you. I, Wilhelm Dempsy, Chancellor of the Dominion, would enjoy a face to face meeting so that we may personally discuss trade negotiations between our two nations. Along with this letter i have sent a cask of our finest whiskey to be enjoyed by yourself and any members you wish to distribute it to.

I would like to apologize for the length of this letter. I am currently busy re-writting mistakes in our government left by our previous rulers. As stated above, a face-to-face meeting would be enjoyed. Imperial Square is quite lovely this time of year.

Wilhelm Dempsy,
Grand Chancellor of the Dominion of Ironhull

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Re: Declaration of Existence (ATTN ALL)

on Thu Sep 01, 2011 1:53 pm
Dear Drochasal,

I am Trévutó, Dominante of the Holy Empire [Kait Guótšué].

I am honoured to receive your letter and in seeing your attempt to communicate using my native tongue and that of most Toškhát.

Your situation does personally resonate quite strongly with my own, as it appears we are not only of similar cultural upbringing but also of similar circumstance - Here in the Holy Empire, I recently took power from my own father, whom, during his long reign, did absolutely everything in his power to maintain the utmost isolationist policy.

Distrusting of outsiders, I can guarantee that he, too, would not have dared write such a communication, nor would be dare to reply to one should he, as in my situation, be receiving such communication.

It is for these exact reasons, amongst many others, that I sought to end his reign and claim rite as Dominante of the Holy Empire, and having since succeeded, I have made it mission to do everything in my power to put an end to these damaging, back-water and unnecessary isolationist policies.

Firstly, on behalf of the Holy Empire, allow me to congratulate you on taking power in Curaidach, to which the Holy Empire does hereby recognise you as legitimate leader - May your reign be long and prosperous.

Hopefully, we will both achieve that common goal which we share, bringing our respective countries into a new, brighter future.

I would be most interested in meeting with you in the future to form formal relations, permitting, and I would also propose that the establishing embassies may be within mutual interest.

Please respond at your convenience.

Kind Regards,
Dominante Trévutó Dâutên Kšetai Rakhát.
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Re: Declaration of Existence (ATTN ALL)

on Thu Sep 01, 2011 1:59 pm
Sent Per Will of President Antony Lassale of the Republic of Capua;
To Be Received by Arbiter Drochasal VII of Curaidach.
Dated 4 January 1572.
Dear Drochasal VII,

We have received your communication and must react with eager interest to the end of your nation's isolationist period. This Republic is always willing to secure new partners, and this offer is extended to your Dynasty with much fervour. To begin this process, land has been cleared for the construction of a Dynastic embassy in New Capua; a diplomatic team is ready to serve as the Republic's mission in the Dynasty, should your country provide for an embassy to be built.

In addition to the above, the Republic finds that a free trade agreement would be most beneficial to both parties. This nation has many consumer goods to sell, all of which may improve the lives of Curaidach citizens. It should be noted, however, that the Republic does not ordinarily engage in arms deals. Please inform us of your opinion on this proposal.

May your reign be long and prosperous!

Antony Lassale
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Re: Declaration of Existence (ATTN ALL)

on Thu Sep 01, 2011 2:47 pm
A letter from Grand Admiral Theron to the Arbiter

To Drochasal VII, Leader of Cuiradach: Greetings.

My name is Theron, Grand Admiral of the Raven Fleet and rightful High Captain of the Erynnen Isles. I am sure that you will be receiving a letter shortly from Ciltesse, claiming that he is the true leader, but the man is a braggart still holding on to a throne he lost long ago. As Grand Admiral, I can offer you protection from naval threats, open trade, and military support. Refuse me, and you will find me somewhat less disposed to negotiate.

My deepest regards.

Grand Admiral Theron
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Re: Declaration of Existence (ATTN ALL)

on Thu Sep 01, 2011 5:20 pm
A number of letters were left on Drochasal VII’s desk. They were all un-opened, and bore different styles and designs on the envelopes, and each had a different seal with various markings. He read all the letters and sent replies to them, one by one.
He picked up the letter from the Holy Empire, read it, and felt more confident he was going to be accepted into the community of nations that Drochasal VI tried so hard to lock him away from.

To Dominant Trévutó Dâutên Kšetai Rakhát, from the desk of Drochasal VII, 6/1/52 (DD/MM/YY)
I am glad I have made a lasting impression on such a large, holy empire such as yours. I can see already, Trévutó, that we will have a long and prosperous friendship. Our warriors are both brave and fearless; it would be an absolute honor to fight with or against you. Though judging from your character, you seem also like a worthy friend.
We can negotiate trade agreements, arms deals or the building of embassies at your leisure. I hope you will reply as soon as you are able, and that we can together build a friendship between our nations that will last for years to come. I hope to visit your wonderful, thriving country, and humbly ask you to visit mine at your leisure. This time of year, the hills of Carn Ruig are ripe for the climbing.
Suimeil (Regards)
, Drochasal VII.

He put the letter in an envelope, and put it in a small wicker basket.
Drochasal opened the next envelope, this one with slight Dwarven artistic style shining through on the emblem that bound the letter to its secrets. As he read through it, he thought to himself that while the Republic will be a great ally in wars to come, they seemed wooden to him, sort of static. They weren’t full of the culture like the Toškhát, but he realized not every ally would be one that he could actually have a friendly, informal conversation with. Regardless, he realized they are not only a powerful military ally, but offer furniture, art and other trade. He sat down to work and wrote a reply.

To President Antony Lassale of the Republic of Capua, from Drochasal VII 6/1/52,
I am very glad you could reply to my letter, and that you recognize my wishes to expand my nation. I will let your men into my country (You don’t have any idea about the amount of trust placed upon you, act within the rules.) to construct an embassy, as a better means of communication between us both. I look forward to making trade deals and other agreements, and will fight with you, if your enemies are worthy of the fight.
If you however conquer innocent, unworthy or insignificant village and settlements, you can consider this agreement forfeit. Contact me in regards to embassies, trade or any other agreements you want to offer to me. I apologize if I come across as brutish or rude, but I just want you to know the terms I offer and respect my culture, as I respect yours.
Regards, Drochasal VII.

He closed the envelope and placed it in a different wicker basket. He read the next two letters and simply didn’t know what to make of them. One of them was a leader who apparently is staging a coup for what reasons he didn’t know clearly. Another was a neighboring country, that was smaller than his, and whose infantry wasn’t as professional as his. However, they had better technology and a more citizens. He was wary of them. Drochasal quickly penned a letter ordering two of the garrisons in Acarsaid to set up a defensive position in the border forts. 450 men were sent to each fort.
Drochasal stood up from his chair and looked out the window. A soldier knocked, walked in and placed a barrel on the floor.
“Cioud do bhrigh? [What is this?]” Demanded the Arbiter.
“Budiel ode… Whiskey? [A keg of… Whiskey?]”

Drochasal walked forward, grabbed a glass from the table in the center of the room, and put it under the kegs nozzle. He turned the knob and let the whiskey fall into the glass. He raised it to his lips, and took a swig.

Faigh muin! Deistneach! [Fuck! Revolting!]”

He ordered the remaining kegs to be kept for demolitions and sterilizing alcohol. He was not only worried about the countries intent, but also for the rancid palates that welcomed this… Searbh... To pass their lips. He sent for his courier and got her to start a journey to deliver the notes that would secure his high position among the other world leaders.

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Re: Declaration of Existence (ATTN ALL)

on Sat Sep 03, 2011 3:03 pm
Sent per will of Lord Shogun Ieyasu Torunaga
To be received by the Arbiter Drochasal VII of Curaidach
Dated: January 15th, 1572


Lord Drochasal VII,

Word has finally spread to Kyokai that the lands of Curaidach are going through quite the transformation. It is good to see a long period of isolation ending unto a bright, hopeful future between us all. This includes Curaidach and the lands of Kyokai. With this, I henceforth recognize you, Drochasal VII as Arbiter, ruler of Curaidach.

If you wish, my Regent of Foreign Affairs will continue our relations in hopes of a mutual beneficial future for us both. An embassy if most definitely in order, and indeed space is available in the Capital of Eidou for your representatives.

I wish you best best of luck in your pursuits.

Ieyasu Torunaga - 家康-徹ナガ
Shogun of Kyokai

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Re: Declaration of Existence (ATTN ALL)

on Sun Sep 04, 2011 6:24 am
To Ieyasu Torunaga - 家康-徹ナガ Shogun of Kyokai, From the desk of Drochasal VII.
I hope to further diplomatic relations and am pleased you could reply. I hope our nations prosper from working together. If the enemies you pick are worthy and dishonorable, you can count on my cannonade and cutlass to come down on them swiftly. If you are looking for a deal, perhaps we can work one out. If you have ships as excellent as they are said to be, I would be more than willing to pay you in silver and gold. All you must do, friend, is name the price. Of course we can trade items instead if you wish.
Thank you,
Drochasal VII
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Re: Declaration of Existence (ATTN ALL)

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