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[SIC] A Letter of Severe Protest [ATTN: Lyon]

on Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:50 pm
OOC: This is related to me discovering Theron's terms via my nosiness.
Sent Per Will of President Antony Lassale of the Capuan Republic
To Be Received in Privacy by High Captain Ciltesse of the Erynnen Archipelago.
Dated 19 December 1571.
Dear Ciltesse,

There is a matter of the greatest concern that I wish to discuss with you personally in relation to the negotiations that have went on between our alliance and the Solarian government. It has come to my attention through contacts that my government has in Sperare Impero that a particular individual by the name of Theron Raven, an Admiral in your service, had sent to the Solarian Government on 2 December a note which my intelligence services found extremely disturbing. It is attached to this letter, the original, so that its authenticity can not be doubted.

The terms laid out in this document appear, even upon a most cursory examination, to ensure that the Solari people would forever suffer wartime poverty. Even disregarding the incalculable suffering that this wretched agreement would inflict upon the Solarians, even after they have surrendered to us, the Directory finds it certain that such terms would, in relatively short order, lead to a second armed conflict in Solaris, from which could spring innumerable sorts of misery. There can be no excuse for such reckless diplomacy, and such deplorable treatment of a surrendered--and thoroughly pacified--opponent.

Accordingly, this Republic must protest in the strongest and most severe terms against the barbaric agreement that the Archipelago appears to be forcing upon the Solarian government, and asks that these terms be withdrawn immediately, in order that peace in the former Solaris may be preserved, and through this, our mutual national interests, including trade. A failure to do this would severely displease my administration and would have extremely negative effects on relations between our countries. We are, however, willing to overlook this faux pas if it is corrected satisfactorily, and await eagerly your response to this letter.

Antony Lassale

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Re: [SIC] A Letter of Severe Protest [ATTN: Lyon]

on Tue Aug 30, 2011 10:28 am
OOC: This message was brought to Ciltesse with the utmost haste, hence the close dates. Hopefully Antony won't be too offended.
22 December 1571


If the results of your spying had brought me any other news, I would have broken our agreement, and Serasse drown the consequences. As you say, I am willing to overlook this "faux pas" this once, but do not presume to do it again, or you will find trade unpleasantly unproductive.

To put it shortly, and in blunt terms, Theron is a traitor. These terms were made without my consent and without my knowledge. Theron has always been a wild card, and now he has shown his true colors. The Isles will take immediate steps to quell him; I hope that will be pleasing to you.

If it pleases you more to continue interfering in other countries' affairs, or in their "best interests" as you may say, send aid to us. If you do not, and Theron prevails, I am sure that you will find the seas a much more dangerous place.

Ciltesse, High Captain of the Isles, Sword of Serasse and Lord of Erynnen
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