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Aki Narita -- The Fighter

on Fri Aug 26, 2011 6:59 pm
Name: Aki Narita
Nationality: Japanese
Affiliation: None (though she works for the Meiji Government to get money)
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Appearance: Aki stands at about 5'3 and maintains a healthy weight for her size. She has a rather lean physique while still retaining the curvacious looks of a woman, making her quite easy on the eyes. She has medium length hair, cut shorter by herself out of boredom, making her look a little rugged in appearance. Aki tends to have a snarky look on her face, as she is always ready to criticize or say a sarcastic comment at just about anything directed to her. Many find this to be quite rude, but frankly, Aki finds it to be hilarious. Aki wears a personalized kimono set, with the sleeves ripped off and the pants cut a little shorter. It's made of red fabric and has a flowery design on the top that is colored yellow. Aki wears no shoes or tabi along with this, only having a cloth wrapped around her foot, her heels and toes still exposed.
Personality: Aki was always known to be quite obnoxious. She is one of those people that are never really afraid to speak their mind, no matter how offensive the topic may be. A wild energy seems to constantly flow about her, accompanied by that sly grin that she usually carries on her face. There are few moments where you see Aki sitting there with a serious look on her face unless something rather tragic happened to her. She isn't the most intelligent person, never really thinking about consequences and only living for the present. Aki is rather hard to anger, as she generally doesn't care what you have to say about her. She's always willing to fight, though, no matter what the reason is. Aki's main quest in life is to find someone better than her with the sword to kill her. Overall, Aki is a very energetic person with a very apathetic attitude about life in general.
History: Aki grew up in a small village for quite some time, her father the leader of a great dojo that taught the Narita Ryu, a traditional family style. It was a rather unconventional technique, but Aki loved to watch it being practiced. Her father even let her learn the ropes, despite the protests of all the boys enrolled in the school. At first she would get beaten a lot in fights, but once she got the hang of it Aki was hammering down opponents left and right until she was one of the best around. She would even keep a record of the amount of injuries she gave the other boys, a record she was quite proud of. At her graduation battle against a student that was nearly her equal, however, Aki made a huge mistake. She beat her opponent to death in the duel, ruining the reputaion of the school. Her father disowned her and kicked her out of his dojo and home, telling her never to return again. Aki only took a kodachi and tanto she stole from her father and left without another word. For the first week on the streets of Kyoto, Aki could hardly survive. She believed that it would be easy to live on her own, but it was clear right away that she was wrong. Aki started to sell her body out just so she could eat food for the night. Her desperation completely took her over until she was finally fed up with all of this. She started to mug people at night, stealing their money so that she could use it however she wanted. Life became a lot easier suddenly because of it, and now Aki wanders the streets of Kyoto, waiting for something interesting to happen. With the presence of the Shinsengumi returning, she can't wait until there is another big fight for her to become involved with.
Weapon(s): She carries a kodachi and a tanto hidden in her kimono.
Fighting Style:
Narita Ryu
This is a fighting style practiced by those of the Narita family. It is a hybrid of both traditional swordfighting and the unpredictable moves created by the Narita family. Unlike most fighting styles, honor is not a factor. In fact, this style can best be described as “fighting dirty.” In order to master the Narita Ryu you must be unpredictable and wild; distracting your oponnent and ruining their focus is the main point. Cheap shots are taken quite often, so using the environment around you is key to winning battles with this style. Anyone who practices this way of fighting will always note their environment before planning out the battle. Kicks, punches, head-butts and the like are all incorporated in this style alongside using the sword. A smaller sword is always used for this style, as being able to switch from a two-handed to a one-handed grip with no negative penalties is very important to be able to completely improvise. In short, this is a very brutal and cheap attack style that heavily relies on improvisation and wild energy.
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Re: Aki Narita -- The Fighter

on Fri Aug 26, 2011 7:20 pm

Even though I don't actually have to accept yours, I still do because it's tradition!
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