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Itsuki Takahashi -- The Detective

on Fri Aug 26, 2011 6:15 pm
Name: Itsuki Takahashi
Nationality: Japanese
Affiliation: The Meiji Government
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Appearance: Itsuki has a rather average build, standing at a normal height and boasting a healthy weight. He's gained a few pounds over the past few years, but overall he is decent shape, though running excessively for a long time defintely takes a toll on him. Itsuki has short black hair with grey streaks on the sides, his hair getting progressively grayer as he ages. He sports a thick, black mustache and is often seen smoking a pipe. His face is quite square, giving him a rather memorable appearance. Itsuki usually wears the fancy Western clothing that was given to him for his job, consisting of brown dress pants, a worn jacket, vest, and white collared shirt with a black tie. He feels it gives him an air of officiality and is generally a fan of the Western culture, anyways.
Personality: Itsuki is a generally laid back man, preferring to avoid fights and unnecessary confrontations. He is generally labelled as a pacifist, though if something dear to him is really threatened, Itsuki is known to take action. He has a light sense of humor about him, preferring not to look on the dark side of things all the time, though whenever he's put in a bad situation he can't help but think that death is imminent. Otherwise, Itsuki is generally a positive and helpful person that is very hard to anger, though his rage can be quite the spectacle.
History: Itsuki was born in a small town, one that was untouched by modern society. For most of his childhood, he felt like he never belonged here. He didn't want to grow up to be a master samurai like his brothers and sisters. Sure, he wanted to help people, but the samurai code seemed so illogical to him that he didn't want to have anything of it. As a result, Itsuki spent a lot of time with his mother, learning instead of running around and fighting. When Itsuki was older he moved away to Kyoto, so that he could possibly become an apprentice of someone and learn a trade. He tried to join a police force, but at the time he was denied, leaving him with nothing to do but take low rate jobs. When the Meiji Revolution happened, however, everything changed. Itsuki ended up helping the Meiji government in this conflict, though his amount of action was quite low. In the end, however, after the revolution was over and finished, he was given a job as a detective, allowing him to do what he always loved. Itsuki quickly showed his true qualities in this job, tracking down murderers, thiefs, and the like. It was an interesting line of work, and so far, Itsuki has stuck to it. Now, however, business is getting more serious. With the rumors of the Shinsengumi starting up again flying around, Itsuki can't help but think that Japan is quickly going to turn into the battlegrounds of a new civil war.
Weapon(s): A police commisioned revolver.
Fighting Style: Itsuki never learned any specific martial arts or attack styles. He was never really interested in that sort of thing. Itsuki can hardly defend himself with anything but the revolver that was given to him, and he is generally a bad shot with that, so he solely uses it for intimidation.
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Re: Itsuki Takahashi -- The Detective

on Fri Aug 26, 2011 6:41 pm
Obviously - [ACCEPTED]
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