The Shinsengumi - Wolves of Mibu

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The Shinsengumi - Wolves of Mibu

Post by Kamikaze_X on Thu Aug 25, 2011 1:43 pm

Name: Toshizo Hijikata

Nationality: Japanese

Affiliation: Shinsengumi - Vice-Commander

Gender: Male

Age: 44 Years Old

Appearance: Hijikata is tall, has a light complexion, and has the body type of a seasoned warrior. His eyes are grey, and his hair is long and jet black, tied to the back as a long ponytail. Whilst on duty, Toshizo normally wears his standard Shinsengumi uniform consisting of kimono, hakama, and haori. While out of battle, he dresses in a simple robe kimono of navy blue with a white obi.

Personality: Toshizo is normally quite a stern, serious individual. If he is alongside friends however, he tends to be a bit more open and friendlier, which is in deep contrast to his disposition whilst among strangers. Businesslike and blunt, Hijikata has earned himself the title of "Demon Vice Commander" within the Shinsengumi due to his cruel methods of keeping order among the soldiers.

History: Even before the Shinsengumi was created, Hijikata Toshizo was among his closest friends who would go on to become the several Captains and Commanders of his Shinsengumi Units. He met most of them, including his future Superior, Kondo Isami; as well as Souji Okita at the Tennen Rishin-Ryu school of swordsmanship before the Meiji Revolution. As time progressed and they were called to duty, the Shinsengumi was formed and Hijikata was made a Vice-Commander of the army under Isami.

Hence, he would earn his reputation as a Demon due to his brutal regulations of the soldiers - the Strictures of the Shinsengumi - which dictated the soldiers' limitations while under their service, most of which if disregarded would end in Seppuku (Ritual suicide).

At the end of the Meiji Revolution, Hijikata went into hiding as most of the Shinsengumi were forced to until the call was made. Ten years later, after a relatively peaceful life as a medicine peddler, he has been called once again, ready to take up the mantel of "Demon of the Shinsengumi" again.

Weapon(s): Katana and wakizashi

Fighting Style: Tennen Rishin-Ryu - [Hybrid] Shinsengumi Swords Style


Name: Isami Kondo

Nationality: Japanese

Affiliation: Shinsengumi - Commander

Gender: Male

Age: 43

Appearance: Kondo is of average height, around 5'8'' and has tanned skin. As a warrior for many years, as well as a master of martial arts, he also has a well toned body. His hair is short and brown, and in the style of a tradition Samurai queue. Kondo's eye color is hazel. Just as with all other Shinsengumi, he wears the standard uniform while on duty, however with a breastplate in battle situations. While outside of battle, Kondo normally wears a simple kimono and hakama.

Personality: Kondo; in stark contrast to his Demon Vice Commander, Toshizo Hikikata, is light-hearted and laid back in comparison. Among his comrades, he tends to be a bit more lenient with work and duties. He also addresses close friends in the familiar, rather than using honorifics unless necessary. In battle, he takes on a serious disposition and becomes the Commander of the Shinsengumi that he is known for. He is courageous and leaps into battle keeping a clear mind and without fear.

History: Isami Kondo began as a practitioner, and later the Master of the Tennen Rishin-Ryu school of swordsmanship. After the Meiji Revolution began, Kondo formed the Roshigumi, and then later the Shinsengumi becoming the Second Regimental Commander under the superior of Serizawa Kamo. At the command of Matsudaira Katamori - Daimyo of Aizu, Kondo and his closest commanders - Yamanami Keisuke, Souji Okita, and Toshizo Hijikata, he was to assassinate Serizawa and take his place as Commander.

Doing so, he commanded the force until the end of the Revolution when he was captured after the Battle of Toba-Fushimi and sentenced to death. Luckily, before reaching his prison, the Shinsengumi caught up with him and released him from captivity. Just as with the others, he went into hiding after the war and is waiting for the call to recreate the Shinsengumi.

Weapon(s): Katana and Tanto

Fighting Style: Tennen Rishin-Ryu


Name: Hajime Saito

Nationality: Japanese

Affiliation: Shinsengumi - Captain of the 3rd Unit

Gender: Male

Age: 37

Appearance: Saito is tall, around 6'1'' and slender. His hair is dark black and brought to a ponytail by a white tie. His eyes are green. Outside of battle and off duty, Saito wears a simple black kimono with a dark grey hakama and white obi sash. As an accessory, he wears a white scarf almost all the time. In battle, he wears the standard uniform of the Shinsengumi, albeit with his scarf.

Personality: Saito is a quiet man, normally only speaking when spoken to, or there is something in a conversation in which he might contribute. Normally a serious individual, he minds his own business and those of others. Among close friends, he is friendly, caring, and loyal. His duty to the Shinsengumi comes first as a soldier and his honor last.

History: Saito joined the Shinsengumi before the Revolution, quickly earning his reputation as one of the best swordsman in the army, as well as in all of Japan - more or less on the same level as Souji Okita in skill. Because of this, Saito was made the Captain of the 3rd Unit in the Shinsengumi.

After the Revolution ended, and the Tokugawa Shogunate fell, Saito went into hiding for a while along with the rest of his comrades. A few years afterward, Saito was invited by the Meiji Government to become a ranking officer in the military - more or less a sign of peace. He accepted, as he knew that it would not be now that the Wolves of Mibu could rise again. He would wait for the call to action, the time had to be right.

Weapon(s): Katana and Kodachi

Fighting Style: Itto-Ryu (One-Sword Style), Mugai-Ryu

A bit like Tennen Rishin-Ryu however with a focus on one sword techniques and their lethality against un-armored and armored opponents. The "Gatotsu" was a part of the Itto-Ryu.


Name: Shinpachi Nagakura

Nationality: Japanese

Affiliation: Shinsengumi - 2nd Unit Captain

Gender: Male

Age: 37

Appearance: Shinpachi is a tall man, around 6'5'' and muscle bound due to his constant training and battle prowess. He has short brown hair that is held up a bit by a green sash tied at the back. His eyes are brown and his skin is a bit tanned. While not on duty, Shinpachi wears a loose fitting purple kimono and a white hakama with thick obi. While on duty, he wears the Shinsengumi's uniform in addition.

Personality: Shinpachi is a laid-back, carefree type of personality that is also seemingly developed into his fighting attitude on the battlefield as well. Sometimes, he can get hot-headed and rush into a fight without thinking, however is normally kept in check by his comrades. Usually however, he remains calm, perhaps a bit of a clown at times, but remains loyal and caring for his family and his comrades in arms.

History: Nagakura Shinpachi joined the Shinsengumi from its foundations and became its Second Unit Captain. He is hailed among the soldiers of the Revolution - most notably in the Shinsengumi, as the greatest swordsman in the force. Otherwise, he is a master of combat among his peers such as Saito Hajime and Souji Okita.

Since the end of the Meiji Revolution, Shinpachi fled along with the rest of his comrades and is currently in hiding as a normal civilian. Like the other core Shinsengumi who survived the Revolution, he awaits the right time, and the call to arms.

Weapon(s): Katana, Wakizashi

Fighting Style: Tennen Rishin-Ryu


Name: Sanosuke Harada

Nationality: Japanese

Affiliation: Shinsengumi - 10th Unit Captain

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Appearance: Sanosuke has long red hair, tied at the back as a long ponytail. He is muscular, well toned, and tan-skinned. Upon his stomach is a line of stitching where he failed to commit a proper seppuku and survived. While outside of battle and duty, Sanosuke tends to wear a red and white loose kimono with a white hakama. While on duty, just as with all other Shinsengumi, he wears the standard uniform.

Personality: Sanosuke is care-free and laid-back, much like his close friend, Shinpachi whom he is always hanging around with. His failed seppuku has made a rather eery show-and-tell object for him - he seems proud with the scar. He is a practical joker, however kind at heart. Though he may not act like it, he is disciplined and holds his comrades dearest to him. Proud and loyal, Sanosuke will never hesitate to run into battle if it means protecting his comrades and Commanders' honor.

History: Sanosuke joined with the Shinsengumi around the same time as most other core members. Due to his expertise in staff and spear-wielding combat, Sanosuke was made the 10th Unit Captain of the Shinsengumi. Participating in many major battles of the Boshin Wars and the Meiji Revolution, Sanosuke found himself on the battlefield many times.

However, during the Battle of Ueno, Sanosuke was horribly wounded by an arrow barrage and fell in battle wounded. Though for a while it appeared that he would die, he was saved thanks to Western medicines at the port that he was brought to for help. After the Bakumatsu ended in disaster for the Tokugawa Shogunate, and the Meiji Government began hunting down the last remnants of resistance, Sanosuke went into hiding just as his comrades who survived the civil war did. He now awaits the call to action ten years later.

Weapon(s): Katana, Tanto, Bo Staff

Fighting Style: Hozoin-Ryu (Staff-oriented combat techniques)


Name: Heisuke Todo

Nationality: Japanese

Affiliation: Shinsengumi - 8th Unit Captain

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Appearance: Heisuke had short dark hair. His eyes are a dark brown and he is around 5'8''. He is slender, however fit due to his constant training in the martial arts. While not on duty, Heisuke wears a simple, dark grey kimono with white obi. On duty, as all other Shinsengumi, he wears their standard uniform.

Personality: Being close friends with Sanosuke and Shinpachi, it is easy to say that Heisuke has a similar attitude on life and disposition. He is laid-back, however more inclined to acting serious when the occasion warrants it. He is loyal to the Shinsengumi and the Shogunate as a retainer.

History: Heisuke was comrades with the other core Shinsengumi members long before their group was even created. As part of Isami Kondo's dojo with Tennen Rishin-Ryu, he became learned in swordsmanship and martial arts, also befriending many of the other core members in such a time.

At the creation of the Shinsengumi, Heisuke was made Kondo's Vice Commander, however later asked to become 8th Unit Captain instead. Participating in many battles of the Bakumatsu, Heisuke earned a name for himself as a fantastic Samurai.

After the war ended, he went into hiding for ten years, now waiting for the call to action from his comrades.

Weapon(s): Katana, Wakizashi

Fighting Style: Hokushin Itto-Ryu (One-sword techniques, much like Saito)

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