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Registration Form

on Mon Aug 22, 2011 11:46 pm

[b]Fighting Style:[/b]


Name: What is your character called. You may include a nickname if they have any.

Nationality: Where is your character from? Are they native to those lands?

Affiliation: Simple, are you in support of the old ways or the new - OR are you completely unaffiliated at the moment?

Gender: Male or female. Pick one.

Age: How old is your character - youngest being 15, eldest being 70s

Appearance: What does your character look like? Describe the clothing that they wear. Any armor or unique traits about their clothing or appearance in general?

Personality: How does your character act alone, with familiars, and with strangers? Any habits or common practices or held beliefs? Ideology? How do said beliefs tie in with their current position or affiliation?

History: A little back story about the character please. What were they doing during the Meiji Revolution ten years prior to the storyline now? What were their old views or affiliations (Pro-Shogunate vs. Pro Empire).

Weapon(s): What does your character carry in terms of weaponry - anything from a katana to a flintlock will do.

Fighting Style: If the character is adept at martial arts, what style have they been taught to use? Have they gone and created their own style? Are they learned in another form of combat? What do they specialize in when concerning fighting? Does your character fight at all?
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