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Deal Cancellation [ATTN: Armos]

on Wed Aug 17, 2011 10:57 pm
Sent Per Will of the Minister of Trade, Guy Lepellierm of the Republic of Capua;
To Be Received by Chancellor Wilhelm Dempsy of the Dominion of Ironhull.
Dated 6 November 1571.
Greetings, friend.

I am unfortunately the bearer of bad news on this occasion. Per the Directory's orders, the Republic wishes to announce the cancellation of our lumber deal with Ironhull. As of now, lumber markets will not be given incentives to ship to the Dominion. We cite the resolution of our food crisis and the rising need for lumber domestically, in the recently acquired provinces, for reconstruction purposes as reasons that this decision has been made. These provisions will come into effect in two weeks' time.

We hope that these developments do not harm Dominion-Republic relations.

Guy Lepellier
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Re: Deal Cancellation [ATTN: Armos]

on Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:33 am
Sent Per Will of the Chancellor Wilhelm Dempsy of the Dominion of Ironhull;
To Be Received by Minister of Trade, Guy Lepellierm of the Republic of Capua.
Dated 9 November 1571
Greetings Friend.

I understand current reasons for Capua's need to recede from this trade negotiation. I would, however like to continue our trading at anyway possible. Here in the Dominion we have an excess of consumer goods we are willing to trade. In return,we would exotic consumer goods that will be sold throughout Ironhull.
I would also like to discuss the idea of Capua opening a embassy in Ironhull and vice versa. This small step could lead to great strides in positive relations for both of us.

Wilhelm Dempsy,
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