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Victory at West Landing & Luxuria Urbs

on Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:02 am
Though the Holy Empire lacks any formal media organisations, communications are sent out to neighbouring countries by Holy Empire officials upon the completion of their victory at at West and Luxuria Urbs.

* * *

19 July 1571

WEST LANDING - Today, we celebrate an honourable victory against a heinous and dangerous aggressor: The Dictatorship of Solaris. Through the valiant efforts of our dedicated forces, we've successfully thwarted Solari plans to invade the Holy Empire and taken strategic measures to defend the continued security and safety of our people.

On June 30th, our first fleet, headed by the Elvintšaraiškipfe Kaviná I, successfully landed on the shores of the Barren Coast, our armed forces subsequently quelling enemy forces and destroying or taking control of enemy fortifications within the area. The battle was swift and decisive, though fought strongly and vigilantly, with numerous casualties on both sides (though thankfully, far more enemy casualties than friendly casualties), ultimately resulting in our victory and raising of the Blood Claw and Naval Standard at the point dubbed as West Landing.

Special congratulations must be mentioned to the soldier, since our victory, dubbed as "the West Landing Marksman" - Having single-handedly eliminated more enemy numbers than any other of our soldiers on the battlefield, total kill count unconfirmed, but believed to be, conservatively, upwards of a few dozen.

Our forces, however, finding themselves more than capable of pushing onwards in the face of the new land they found themselves in, did not rest at West Landing, pushing onwards and claiming victory further inland, following, our second fleet having since arrived shortly thereafter at West Landing to reinforce ground forces, adjacent to the first fleet as it moved on towards Luxuria Urbs.

Due to good weather and ideal wind conditions, by July 1st (the next day), our first fleet arrived at Luxuria Urbs, beginning their assault of the enemy stronghold. Both sides took heavy loses initially, but within a few days afterwards, our ground forces arrived, allowing a two-sided attack against the stronghold that quickly resulted in its fall, ultimately resulting in our victory and raising of the Blood Claw and Naval Standard at the city and stronghold of the Solaris threat.

Though the Holy Empire has acquired and taken control of much land from the Solaris threat, Solari forces, having burned, poisoned and sabotaged much of the stores and supplies in former territory during their retreat, has resulted in the resources presented by these stores and supplies being totally unusable, forcing imperial forces to care for its captives and Solari refugees entirely with imperial supply lines - Though imperial supply lines are more than adequate and our forces are not short on resources at this time, it has had the unfortunate effect of a small contingent of our forces seeking out alternative and sometimes unethical sources.

Since the taking of the west coast and Luxuria Urbs, Imperial forces has spent the past few weeks securing outlying towns, fortifications and strongholds within the Solari plains, the land between Luxuria Urbs and West Landing and the immediate coastal territories south of West Landing.

Though we've seen no combat as violent and intense as that encountered at West Landing and Luxuria Urbs, as of today, we're confident that we've fully secured our gains.

Reconstruction and refortification of those areas will begin shortly, with the Holy Empire having every full intention to push its advance further onwards in the near future.
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