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Victory at Porta Urbs

on Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:16 pm
OOC: We did not RP the battle at Porta Urbs because of Desertback's inactivity. Under a new rule, inactive battle participants will, assuming they can provide no excuse (and we're flexible, really), lose battles. I have Bleach's permission for this. Anyway, under that new rule, and because it seems feasible, the Republic has taken Porta Urbs and the areas immediately along the border with Solaris.

As a result, Solari forces will have had to retreat; it is extremely likely that a counterattack could be issued, but it would be at a disadvantage until reinforcements arrive. Solari morale will have been shaken and many resources lost. However, their sovereignty is not threatened and it is still possible that they might win the war.

The Republic, in contrast, has, despite heavy casualties in Porta Urbs, secured a neighbour's third largest city--celebrations abound. They aim to smash the retreating Solari forces and secure land up to the Glacial River. Another major battle would also grant them the ability to strike at Fort Onyx in the Solar Mountains.
19 July 1571

PORTA URBS -- The mood in Porta Urbs was jovial today as troops under General Leon Ribault raised the Republican standard in Porta Urbs' city center this morning, signalling the end of a month-long armed campaign to capture and subdue the city after the declaration of war (and initial offensive) on 4 July. Meeting fierce resistance from both regular Army units and fanatics, they captured, on the first night, outlying sectors of the south; with help from Lieutenant General Joseph-Marie Blanc in the eastern sectors, it was only a matter of time before a slow and carefully controlled advance overwhelmed the Solari defences and secured the fate of this city.

Casualties number in the thousands on both sides; despite the welcome news of victory, funeral pyres burn tirelessly to avoid pestilence. Much of the city stores were captured intact, but almost a third had been poisoned, burned, or otherwise sabotaged by the retreating Solari Army. Officials, however, have commented that the Republican supply lines "are strong" and that the city of Porta Urbs should be functioning "well and without incident" under a "strong and stable military occupation" within a few weeks. They also noted that the enemy "should watch his back" and that the Republican Legions "have every intention of continuing this advance".

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