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[SIC] A Desire for Change

on Sun Aug 07, 2011 2:54 pm
Pylonus sat in a chair in the office of his mansion. He held a cigar in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other. To his left was Luka, Sol was on his right and his assistant Wilhelm was in front. They sat in a circle so each could easily view one another. It was silent, save the crackling of the fire in the fireplace. It was dark outside and the weather was taking a turn for the worse. The silance was finally broken when Pylonus placed his tumbler on the table and leaned forward.

"Friends, I've gathered us all here tonight to discuss the future. Ironhull is going through a rough period right now. We have lost all contact with our scouts in the east. Our trade ship to the Holy Empire is lost. War has even emerged in the north. But what does Durn do about this? NOTHING!" He slammed his fist down on the table and the tumbler jumped up slightly, as did the three others. Pylonus leaned back again and took a smoke from his cigar before continuing.

"We need change. Three of us have attempted change long ago, but now our trial is proving negative results. We have learned our mistakes and i have a new plan." With that he stood up and walked towards a large window and watched the rain begin to patter on the glass. Sol began to speak.

"But Pylonus.....Durn suspects something. He of all people knows what we are capable of and will stop at nothing to dispose of us if he learns of our....YOUR plan"

"Durn will not know about this meeting. He is busy with....other things at the moment."

Luka threaded his hand through his short hazel hair. He was nervous. He didnt like secrets between friends....especially when he was the closest to Durn. He spoke.

"And what do you have planned Pylonus? We kill Durn and make it look like an accidnent like we did with his father? The people will know something suspicious is happening within our ranks."

Pylonus turned around and looked towards Luka. There was no sign of anger or suspicion in his eyes, rather that of wheels and gears clicking within him.

"No....the people will know what happens to Durn. It will be a public thing. But, we cannot target just Durn. We need to rid the nation of the entire old ways. We must target the Grushna family and the council. Only then can we be at ease."

"And how do you plan on doing that?" Wilhelm spoke out, " If Durn is suspicious of us as it is, how can we get close enough to kill him?"

"Easy. A bomb, or rather, multiple bombs. The Royal Palace is riddled with secret passages and cellars. We place our explosives in those places and watch as the Grushna name is written in history as extinct. As for the council... We must kill all thirteen in unison. We will need ten of our most loyal soldiers to help in this plan."

Pylonus told the three others that each of the council members must be killed in a close amount of time. Wilhelm noted that he would find ten men and women loyal to Pylonus to carry out the plan.

"That does it then. On August 16th, we launch our coup at exactly 7pm. Sol, Wilhelm, his men and I will target the council members. Luka, you will detonate the explosives and end Durn for good."

Luka was shocked. He was ordered to kill his closest friend in cold blood. He held his calm composure and nodded. Pylonus dismissed the men, but kept Wilhelm after. Once the others were gone he looked deep into Wilhelm's eyes.

"Son, it has been some time since i have spoken to you as a father. I hope you know that I care for your safety more then anyone else, but we must talk business. I will need you to find another man to take my place when we kill the council members."

"But Father, why? Why do this?"

"Ironhull is in a state of stagnant growth. Durn has done what he can as leader, but refuses to change his view on things. I also know that we must remove another from our midst. One that will try to warn Durn of our plan. We must also kill Luka. Now go, find your workers. We have much to do in a short amount of time."

"Yes Father"

Wilhelm walked out of the office. Pylonus stood at the window as lighting flared ahead. He began to chuckle and his chuckle grew into a laugh. One filled with a spark that would lead Ironhull out of the dark once and for all. He finished laughing and then walked to his desk and began to plan out what exactly would run through Durn Grushna's head in his final moment.
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Re: [SIC] A Desire for Change

on Thu Aug 11, 2011 8:51 pm
The street was deserted. Rain fell from the heavens and the usual hustle of Helmsburg was diminished as two cloaked and hooded figures shuffled through the downpour. They approached an ally and were met by another hooded figure. They joined in a circle and one of them let down their hood.

The man was younger. He had light blond hair and a masculine face. He began to speak and the two others let down their hoods as well.

"Tell me, Pylonus, why have you called me here? You're letter was vague and i demand more information"

My dear General Remer, i have for you an offer you cant refuse. As second in command to Luka Olm, i can only imagine how much you may have wanted to be promoted."

"Get to the point Pylonus, im a busy man."

"Well then, here it is. i can guaranty that Commander Olm would be.....disposed and you replacing him. All i ask in return, is your military leadership and loyalty to the Dempsy name."

Viktor Remer thought over the offer. The Dempsy family was powerful and good allies in the Ironhull Upper Class. Viktor also knew there was more to this little ploy then he was getting, but was sure on his decision.

"Pylonus Dempsy i accept your offer." He kept his voice down and outstretched his hand. Pylonus shook it and then bid the new ally farewell. The future was almost certain for Pylonus' plans. With military strength behind his coup, the future might as well be set in stone.

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