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[SIC] Order 117

on Thu Aug 04, 2011 11:46 pm
Written per will of - Ieyasu Torunaga, Shogun
To be sent to - Cpt. Cmdr. Souji Okita; Shinsengumi, 1 Unit
Dated: June 30th, 1571

Commander Okita,

I have been informed by the Regent of War that you are mobilizing the 1st Unit for departure. This is good, perhaps I was right to send the Shinsengumi to Tenken. Not only should you provide more than ample morale support, but just as much battlefield support - or rather, you would if you were to be strictly in the battlefield.

I have a mission for you and your unit, of the utmost importance. This is a matter of internal security, and must not be discussed with anyone outside of your Unit. Not even the General leading our invasion forces.

I am giving the command, this is now ORDER 117. You know what this means, Okita-san. You are to infiltrate the Imperial Court during the assault on Tenken. While the enemy is busy with the rest of the forces, you and your Unit are to slip in and complete your mission.

These are your conditions - KILL ALL of the Emperor's family, this is the judgement set forth by the Bakufu. KILL all of the Emperor's service, they have been judged as party to the criminal as well.

Neutralize all enemy threats within the Imperial Court, by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. And finally, these are the last two conditions set: Kill all of the Imperial council members, and bring me the Emperor's head. He is not to escape alive.

That is all, do your duty to the Shogunate and our people, god speed.

Ieyasu Torunaga - 家康-徹ナガ
Shogun of Kyokai
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