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[War] Black Sails (ATTN: Red, DB)

on Fri Jul 29, 2011 3:22 pm
OOC: The Erynnen blockade of ports commences simultaneously with the actions described below. Three Erynnen ships will cover each port, not letting any ship in or out, but not responding with hostility to anything but war ships.

Admiral Theron of the Raven Fleet sat in his cabin, studying a map of the Solarian coast laid out on his desk. Small pewter models of ships, both Erynnen and Capuan, indicated the positions of the Marine Nationale and their Erynnen allies, while brass ships, clustered along the coast, indicated the Solarian fleet positions. He moved the silver ship representing his own fleet towards the Capuan coast. According to the navigator, they were drawing close to the staging point.

A sailor hurried in and saluted. “Admiral, there’s a ship ahead flying the colors of the Marine Nationale. It appears to be Admiral Maximilian.”

“Bring us in closer, and I’ll cross over. Signal the other captains to come as well. We have a great deal to discuss,” said Theron shortly. The sailor nodded and dashed back out.

Shortly afterwards, Theron and the other three captains of the Raven Fleet were assembled on the deck of the Perseverance. Theron nodded to Maximilian. “Right, dwarf, let’s get this over with. What’s your battle plan, and where do we fit in?”
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Re: [War] Black Sails (ATTN: Red, DB)

on Fri Jul 29, 2011 3:30 pm
As the Elves walked across their gangplank, the CRV Perseverance's crew mostly ignored them. It wasn't their job to negotiate; it was their job to keep the ship afloat and shoot at whatever Maximilian ordered. A diplomatic team--the Admiral, the Perseverance's captain, and a few other officers--greeted the Elves immediately.

"I enjoy your enthusiasm, Elf," the Admiral said with a chuckle. At least it wasn't a short joke. "The transport ships you see back there hold troops--a great deal of the Republican Army, as a matter of fact. Our job is to make the port safe for their landing and support said landing as much as possible. To do this, your services are required to help us defeat the Solari fleet, at sea and then at port. Our objectives are to sink or capture all of those ships."
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