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[War] A Dark Surprise: The Invasion of Solaris [ATTN: DB, obviously]

on Fri Jul 29, 2011 2:49 pm
OOC: This topic becomes real the moment that Maik posts his invasion topic. Until then, please ignore it.

This topic will deal with the Republican-Erynnen land campaign in southeastern Solaris. Naval war and the landing operation are to be dealt with in the topic Black Sails. Combatants are the Dictatorship, on the defence, facing the combined forces of the Capuan Republic and Erynnen Archipelago. At the war's beginning, the Republic has garrisoned its forts along the border extremely heavily; multiple Legions are prepared, as discussed in prior topics, to advance into Solari territories. In addition, recruitment drives have begun and large logistical and manpower reserves have been gathered, particularly in the city of Actium. It should be noted that the Army and industry never really demobilized after the Civil War. The Marine Nationale has deployed a fleet consisting of the majority of the Republic's naval power to the Great Sea. At war's beginning it is approaching Solari waters. As discussed between Lyon and myself, the Archipelago's navy is in a position to blockade ports at war's beginning.
Reasonably good background music for this. ;D
Sent Per Will of President Antony Lassale of the Capuan Republic,
With the Advice and Allegiance of the Senate,
With the Consent and Support of the National Assembly.
A Declaration of War upon the Dictatorship of New Solaris.
Dated 5 August 1571.
This Republic refuses to sit idly as the power of Solari fascism threatens, and through its growth continues to threaten, the livelihood and survivability of our democratic state. In light of recent developments and a recognition of the inevitability of war, this office must sign into law that which the National Assembly has asked for--a declaration of war upon the Dictatorship of Solaris to our north.

With this declaration, a state of armed hostilities now exists between our nations. Even in these dark times, however, the Dictatorship maintains the power to change history. A diplomatic settlement, perhaps involving the fate of Porta Urbs and other cities, particularly along the coastline, may yet be able to dissuade our wrath. Should the Dictatorship come to the evidently reasonable conclusion that such a settlement is in its best interests, it is advised to contact this government as quickly as manageable.

It is my responsibility to declare that, as civilized nations of the world, the Dictatorship and Republic ought to, despite their differences, grievances and armed hostilities, obey particular standards of war. Solari prisoners of war will be treated humanely, as their rank demands; they will not be forced into labour; they will not be executed, barring attempts at escape; they will be allowed to, through censors, communicate with their families at home; the sick and injured will be given the best care practical. On the battlefields, Republican troops will do all in their power to safeguard civilians and treat the sick and injured regardless of nationality. The continuation of these measures, however, is contingent upon the Dictatorship's proper treatment of prisoners of war it may take, and its good conduct in the war ahead.

Antony Lassale


It is with the deepest regret and the strongest sense of duty that I announce the events of this morning to the people of the Republic. As of 11:00 this morning, Cascony time, the Republic finds itself in a state of armed conflict--war, in ordinary language--with the Solarian dictatorship to our north.

This office has signed the instruments of war, supplied to it after a vote of both chambers of Parliament, in the belief that the prosecution of this conflict is the only way to ensure the continued safety of our nation against the fascist threat that the Solarians represent. Make no mistake--our quarrel is not with the Solarian people. Our quarrel is with the governing structure of the Solari state. Our quarrel is with the danger presented by this state to the continued existence of this Republic, and that danger cannot be allowed to persist.

Our armies march immediately. To supply this conflict, Parliament has enacted several Acts, to become law immediately. Corporations have already been directed to re-purpose their activities to fit within the new war economy; military activities are to begin in earnest; recruitment drives have already begun and conscription is a possibility should the Republic's safety be directly threatened. Furthermore it is our displeasure to announce that security measures, for the protection of our nation from sabotage, espionage, and social disruption, are to be enacted immediately. This office will not lie. In any other time these measures would be flatly draconian. But this is war, and it is simply not possible for this government to draw the distinctions it would ordinarily be compelled to.

With the support of the Capuan people, their indefatigable will, the best application of their strength and talents, this Republic will break the Solarian resolve. We will secure our safety from the Fascist menace; we will break him on the battlefield, in his cities, in the political arena. We will fight until such time as the Republic's existence is not a question of political developments, but a certainty of natural law - so help us God.

Antony Lassale
OOC: DB, reply to this diplomatically, then I'll post my attacks.
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