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[SIC] Priority Mail [ATTN: LYON]

on Sat Jul 23, 2011 10:05 pm
Via similar channels to the President's other correspondence with High Captain Ciltesse, a letter, blue Republican seal affixed, found its way to the same.
Dear Ciltesse,

As I am sure you have gathered from our previous correspondence and the events currently taking place in the world at large, war between Solaris and the Republic is all but inevitable. With this conflict approaching, it is my hope that the Archipelago and Republic may jointly benefit.

It is my request that Solari ports lining that country's eastern coastline be blockaded at war's beginning; furthermore, I would request landing actions on the Archipelago's part, small commando raids to burn Solari ships at anchor. In return for this action, you should receive a third of the spoils gained from those port cities; though the Republic will take the raw goods, we will deliver to you one quarter their fair market value in gold, silver, and other assorted generally accepted media of international trade. As I'm sure you understand, this amounts to an incredible amount of revenue. I feel it should more than cover the costs of mobilization.

There is one other form of assistance I wish to request. If it would be possible for Erynnen ships to assist in the landing of Republican Army troops at the port of Morxville, 200,000 gold pieces could be provided. Your ships would assist the Marine Nationale and Republican Army in destroying resistance to the Republican Army's landing there.

I eagerly await your response.

Antony Lassale
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Re: [SIC] Priority Mail [ATTN: LYON]

on Sat Jul 23, 2011 10:35 pm
((I'm just going to say that Ciltesse got back by when this was sent.))

Ciltesse, while tired from his recent diplomatic mission to the Empire, wrote a return letter almost immediately after receiving Antony's Missive.

Although the offer of gold is tempting, I fear that I must ask for more if I am to mobilize my best captains. For an advance fee of 25,000 gold per ship, and 50,000 each once the job is done, I will dispatch the Raven Fleet to Solarian waters to aid you in your first battle. Their captains are the finest that I have, and will no doubt be able to turn the tide of battle easily.

Give my regards to Reelior, Caleth, and your Admiral.

High Captain Ciltesse
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