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[SIC] Weapons for War

on Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:34 pm
Sent Per Will of President Antony Lassale
To Be Received in Privacy by Gen. Leon Ribault, Republican Army;
To Be Received in Privavy by Adm. Maximilian Trudeau, Marine Nationale.
Dated 25 June 1571.
Dear sirs,

It has recently come to the attention of MSI and MFA that the Solari government is currently under enormous pressure to attack the Holy Empire after recent happenings on the Solari west coast. It is the opinion of the Directory and its advisers that war is imminent and inevitable. It is also inevitable that we will play a part.

As of now, all orders to demobilize Republican troops in accordance with the end of the Royalist and Communist insurgencies are null and void. Both branches of the Armed Forces are to return their respective branches to maximum readiness as quickly as can be managed. Prepare to make these measures public come the 30th.

Units currently stationed across the Wuthering Lowlands are to prepare for active combat roles in Operations Blue Tide and Rotterdamme; reinforcement is to be provided by the Ninth and Tenth Legions. Units currently stationed in Ruthenia and Tanenberg under the Settlement Encouragement Order are to abandon construction and civilian duties immediately and switch to preparations for an active combat role in Operations Breadbasket and Rotterdamme; reinforcement is to be provided by the Fourth Legion.

Previously discussed plans for an Actium Reserve are to be implemented come the 30th. The Resource Scouting Consortium had prepared roads through Ruthenia and Tanenberg as a part of its operations before this debacle started. They should be adequate for existing logistics arrangements for the western territories, should diplomacy fail with Alba.

For the Navy's part, two fleets from Eclipse should be ready--one in great force to disembark and meet the Solarians on the Great Sea; the other, smaller, to meet the Albans just in case. Set sail immediately and do not approach Solari or Alban waters.

Please attend to these matters immediately. Further orders will come soon.

Antony Lassale

OOC: For reference, Operation Blue Tide would be my plans for the invasion of Solaris; Operation Rotterdamme is my defence plan in case I get attacked by Solaris first or get pushed back; Operation Breadbasket is my plan for the invasion of southern Alba (just in case, after all).
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