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Dante De Luca

on Tue Jul 12, 2011 4:40 pm
Character Name: Dante De Luca

Race: Human/Soul Reaper

Occupation Senior in High School

Age: 18

Gender: Male

History: Dante was born in the Italian Embassy that was in Japan. His father worked at the embassy as a guard where he spent all of his time preventing problems in the embassy. But for Dante he was consider the outcast everywhere Tokyo from schools to even hangouts for people at his age. When Dante started in high school his father was killed in action outside the Italian Embassy. This made Dante eager to find out who killed his father. Soon he found out who where the killers but it seemed he also was killed by the same man that killed his father. It was very confusing to see himself in soul form. A man walked by and talked to Dante on how to pass over to the Soul Society. He went through this mans training and was able to become a Soul Reaper. If it wasn't for this man who worn a striped hat and carried a stick Dante would no longer be alive.


Power / Zanpakutō:

Itaria no ikari (Italian Anger)

Shikai Mode

Shikai Command: Vendetta


When Shikai mode is activated not only the sword changes but a black aurora is formed around the sword looking like the oxygen is dieing around it. When the sword cuts something the black aurora stays on the cut and leaks out little by little. The aurora on the body only increases the bleeding of its cuts. Their is only one attack that Dante has mastered.

Wanshotto No Sutabu (One Shot Stab)

When the point of the blade is aimed it shoots out a stream of black aurora engulfing its target. The aurora is cutting its target every rotation it makes leaving no part of the targets body uncut.
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