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Miki Nakamura

on Mon Jun 27, 2011 5:40 pm
Character Name: Miki Ramirez Nakamura

Race: Human

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Personality: Miki is one of those stereotypical tough-girl types: level-headed, proud, and very straightforward. However, unlike most tough-girls, she retains a sense of humor and prefers to have fun with things rather than being boring and silent all the time. She is known for her wild attitude and short temper, all of which get her in trouble from time to time. Personally, there are not many people she hates, despite what she says to some of them. She is quick to forgive and doesn't like to stay on the subject of dark matters. Miki hates pessimism and prefers to stay positive, no matter how the outlook (though she will certainly fall due to stress from time to time). Overall, Miki is a strong woman who hasn't forgotten how to have fun from time to time.


History: Miki Nakamura was born in Tokyo, Japan, her father American and her mother Japanese. Her mother died during childbirth, so she never got a chance to interact with her, leaving her only with her father. Her father was a really friendly person, even if he did have a drinking problem. Even when Miki was young, he always talked to her like an adult and kept her on the same level, making her feel more mature at an early age. He introduced her to lots of things from America, including various bands he enjoyed listening to, masters of rock. Led Zeppelin was one of his favorites, and he even learned to play guitar so he could play along on the radio with them. After seeing this, Miki desperately wanted to learn guitar, and spent years with her father mastering her natural talent. She absorbed everything he told her, and would even play until her fingers bled just to finish her practices.

Miki went through school playing as much as possible, even playing for talent shows. During this time in school, she witnessed her first spirit. By herself in her room, Miki saw an apparition that looked much like her mother. At first it was scary, but eventually she got used to it, and could even talk to her. Her mother's spirit was upset for some reason and wouldn't go to rest. She would come back each night until one day she disappeared. Miki never found out what happened. Her mother's spirit was gone and never came back to visit her. Miki hoped that her mother found rest, but could never be sure.

Graduating high school, Miki started a small band with two other girls called Demonic School-girl Revolution. On stage they would dress in school uniform and deliver hard rock performances, Miki playing on lead guitar and sing while the other two played on bass and drums. They had a few fans, though the biggest one was Miki's dad unfortunately, who was rather crazy about them. They never broke out mainstream, however. They released an album labelled “School'z Out”, but they didn't get a hit out of it. They simply weren't popular enough. Life was hard because of this, as Miki didn't have a college education or a very good resume.

She was forced to work part time at a record store, where she could listen to all kinds of music all day and get payed for it, as there weren't ever very many customers to help out. She was noticing more and more ghosts during this time, though she hardly took the time to interact with them. It was so strange to her, but it soon became a part of life. One night, however, everything changed. Getting ready to go to bed, she had her first encounter with a life or death moment. She met an evil spirit. A Hollow.

The creature burst in, much to her surprise, lashing out at her. It's body was shaped like a spider, yet it had a a white mask with a face like a human on the front. It was hideous, and it was obviously there to kill her. After almost getting thrashed to death, the tides were turned. Miki didn't want to die. She had so many things ahead of her that she didn't want to miss, and friends that she cared about. Thinking about all this at once, Miki let out a yell on the spot and a flash of light filled the room, pushing the Hollow back and giving her some room. When the light cleared, a guitar with the design of a skeleton on the body appeared in her hands, glowing red and making her feel some sort of power surge through her.

What happened next she could hardly understand. When the Hollow decided to charge at her again, something possessed her to strum the guitar. After a single strum, a wave of energy flew out and smashed the Hollow right in the face, sending it reeling. Seeing how this worked, Miki gave it all she could and send a volley of energy bursts at the Hollow until it disintegrated into a black mist. Whatever happened that night she only knows about, and she can hardly understand any of it. The guitar disappeared in a light burst the moment danger was gone, and the insignia of a skull appeared on one of her armbands, almost having a glow to it.

That night was one she would truly never forget. The night she was attacked by a spirit and won. Miki still sees spirits as usual, but is now slightly afraid. One attack her before, right? So it was possible that it could happen again. Miki stays on guard, wondering what will happen next with her as she starts to see stranger and stranger things. Fortunately, however, she feels somewhat protected by this strange power she gained. Can she hold out against these spirits forever? Truthfully, she is unsure.


Miki has a Fullbring ability to summon a demonic guitar in her hands capable of destroying evil spirits, defending herself, etc. The details are below:

KICKAXE: A spirit guitar that Miki can summon at will when her life is in danger. In its dormant form it just acts as one of her black wristbands with a skull on it.

First Form:

The guitar takes a skeletal design and has an eerie red glow about it, as if pure energy is resonating from it.


1. Mighty Riff: This is one of her more basic moves, activated by simply strumming the guitar. This sends out a wave of pure spirit energy at an opponent, slamming much force into them that causes moderate damage.
2. Defensive Chord: Miki plays a certain series of notes like an incantation and summons a spiritual wall-shield that can protect against attacks for as long as she holds the final note.
3. Solo of Divine Punishment: Miki activates this attack by targeting an enemy and playing a finger shredding solo. Spirit energy is shot out rapidly at a rate that is hard to dodge, slamming into the opponent multiple times until the solo ends with a final energy shot that bursts in a small explosion of energy.

Second Form (EPIC MODE):

The guitar transforms, turning into a sharp axe with a skull on the blunt side. It still has a red glow and now Miki has the ability to strike opponents with it to cause melee damage.


The second form can use all the moves the first form can, plus a couple more.

1. Raging Smash: Miki charges energy on the blade of the axe and jumps forward, slamming it down on her opponent to cause a large burst of spirit energy, with the added melee damage. If she misses, it usually causes a shockwave in the ground.
2. The Forgotten Chord: Miki plays a chord once thought impossible, the spirit energy from it coming out and cracking the earth until it hits an opponent, exploding in a large blast of spiritual energy.
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