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Imperial Tyskland

on Thu Jun 23, 2011 8:16 pm
Name of Country: Tyskland


Race: Human

Motto: "Victory is obtained only by those willing to pay it's price"

Flag: It is a white background with a single black eagle holding a sword inscribed with the nations motto

Location (on map): Top of the island on the bottom right

Various Symbols: Eagle(National Bird), (national weapon, The Officers sword), Oak (National tree),

Leader Title:Kommandant

Leader Name: Sperling Zudermann

Capital: Brendenburg

State Religion: None(officially), Protestantism, Roman Catholicism are the two religions there is often tension between the two

Political Overview: The Kommandant has an absolute rule over the nation. he assigns his most trusted high ranking military officers to control various regions of the empire, they are in charge of keeping order and recruiting and training soldier for the Kommandant.

Economic Overview: Each Region officer is in charge of that regions material output. All goods and capital are controled my each Region officer who take a share of the profit and the rest is handed over to the leader and his advisor.

National History: The continents inhabitants had formed a loose confederation of independent city states, there was always tension and skirmishes broke out between the cities. The city state of Tyskland led by Kommandant Werden led his army to seize control and unite the people. His dream of a unified land was
fulfilled when the last walls were breached and the Tyskland flag was raised high above the town centers of the nation.

Political Systems: Absolute monarchy

Economic Systems: Controlled by the Kommandant and his regional officers.

Important Resources: Coal, Silver, Copper, Steel, Iron, Gold, Timber, Beef, corn, potatoes, Horses.

Significant Figures:

Sperling Zudermann- Current Kommandant

Rathke Soelter- Kommandants Chief Advisor

Werden Glokstein- First true Kommandant (National Hero)

Societal Overview: Although there is a somewhat strict control over affairs by the Kommandant, certain rights brought by Werden have been upheld by the leaders: the right of religion, and press/speech. A chivalry code has been adopted by the people of the military granting certain rights to foes and how to act appropriately during war times, more or less a code of honor.

Geographical Overview: most of the continent is flat with few small rivers coming from the high mountains situated in the center of the continent. These mountains are rich with minerals while the large flatlands provide the large area for raising cattle and horses.

Climate Overview: moderate climate with good rains throughout the year. Extreme temperature lows and highs are rare. The weather varies from year to year, so rainy summers can be followed by spectacular sunshine in the next year.

Technological Overview: Tysklands military technology consisted of smaller carbine type weapons for the cavalry, though they lacked the punch and range of other stronger weapons they could easily be used on horse back. Tyskland utilized the effectiveness of the horse in combat and thus the horse artillery was born, they used smaller cannons then most but these could also be moved faster then the heaver cannons used around the world. Most advances in Technology focused on moving troops faster in and around the battlefield, allowing for rapid transport and hit and run skirmishes.

Military Overview:
A minimum of a Years service in the military is required for the men that are of age, this is so in times of war civilians will be ready to fight for there Fatherland
They military is split into 3 groups: the Infanterie, Cavalry, kriegsmarine.
The Infanterie formed the back bone of the military, trained with muskets and bayonets. The few heavy artillery pieces used are under control of the Infantries general. The Infantries take the position of police aswell
the Cavalry consists of Hussars and Dragoners. The Dragoners were specially trained mounted infantry equipped with carbines, Tyskland was known for its Fast and versatile army.
The kriegsmarine is rather small and made of of light attack ships and troop transports, just another way to move the army.

The Bundeswehr is a special division unknown to all but the Kommandant and his Chief advisor. They are recruited through the military as those who have shown there value and potential in combat and who are
loyal to the nation. They are the Secret police, saboteurs, and counterintelligence. Killing one of these agents is difficult, capturing one...impossible They are few but have proven that they will fanatically defend the Kommandant and the Fatherland, they are willing to do what is needed of them, no matter the cost.

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Re: Imperial Tyskland

on Thu Jun 23, 2011 8:28 pm
Nice registration. You may start your own topics whenever you wish.

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Re: Imperial Tyskland

on Thu Jun 23, 2011 9:07 pm

RPG, I need you to give me your position on the map, capital city, other cities you want to include, and bodies of water if any (bays, channels, gulfs, etc) Tell me exactly WHERE each city is on the country too. XD

Also, I need a color from you for your place on the map.
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Re: Imperial Tyskland

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