Operation: Outlaw (Please update Support)

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Operation: Outlaw (Please update Support)

Post by DJ. on Sat Jun 18, 2011 1:58 pm

Overview / Plot:
The major power known as LUEC(League of United Executive Countries) has slowly declined as a world power. PRV(People's Republic of Veram) is now becoming the dominate world power. The LUEC has now been invaded by the PRV unexpected and taken quickly. Now that the LUEC is taken, the world begins to cower in fear of the PRV. The LUEC's elite organization known as LEAF(League's Elite Assualt Force, is now under control of the PRV and their campaign by eliminating anyone with the power to fight back. The world is now almost under global domination by the PRV. Around 3 years previous college freshman under the name, Byron Moss. He decided to publish an article on his blog on his theory about how a communist country could in-fact try and take the world over again. Little did he know, that soon after publishing the article the BOS(board of security) would be on a man hunt for him. He has been on the run from them for almost 3.5 years now. After running for his life and being placed on the Republic's most wanted list He decided to stop running and go underground. Since then he has been gathering a team to stop this conspiracy against him, and prove to the people of the former LUEC that the PRV must be stopped.Over time, He and the group will slowly become close and closer to freeing the world from global domination. Can this just graduated rise up and show everyone what a few people can do to change a country?


More to come as the game progresses.

Major Details on the game layout:
Linear forum game with exploration,missions,adventure,and can't forget the awesome action.

Setting: The game will take place in the future of what is left of used to be LUEC starting out. Expansion will cover the globe.

Support: Mr. RPG(plays on CF)

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