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The File of Sean Ardghal

on Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:35 am

What is your name?

Sean Ardghal. People called me 'Luck', though; so Sean 'Luck' Arghdal.

How old are you?

'bout 26.

Do you have photo identification you can give us, or you prefer to give a written record of you appearance?

Nothin' Special, but here's one ah me.

What can you tell us about your past?

Pretty fuckin' pathetic, if you ask me. Born and raised entirely in London. Grew up to fine parents 'n all, but they didn't give a shit. Highschool was a breeze too, but I screwed that up pretty good, too. Would've been fine, maybe gone somewhere in life if it weren't for all those wankers I decided were friends. I was a bright bloke, but not exactly street-smart. They said 'go with us, we'll teach you the ropes.' I was an average kid, you know? Was strong enough to hold me own, good grades in school, but that all changed.

Me mates, no surprise, were fuckin' stoners to their bloody rotten core. One night I cave to a little joint and they're all bloody over me, asking to get high all the time. Unlike most the poor bastards you hear about on the tele who get involved once and never turned back, I wasn't fuckin' stupid. One day, me mates get in a scuffle, nothin' bad, right? Turns out the two are so piss poor when it comes to their tempers that they start spreadin'. I'm left with the fuckin' pieces, so I try to mend shit.

Bloody hell, was I an' idiot. Turns out they joined two opposing gangs, it got so fucking bad; I try to get one of my mates out of it before it's too late, so he fuckin' jumps me arse. I fight back. Well guess what, I got all the fuckers in his little' gang after me now, so I turn to the other for help. Thankfully for me, he was calmer than the other bloke, so I got props, even a membership since the two gangs didn't much like each other. Callin' the cops would a saved me an arseload of trouble.

Irish-- aren't very known for their temper, aye? Years pass, I get around in the gang and shit's good, ya'know? Well, I got a threat from one o' the members in the other bloke's gang one day after I had a few pints, a serious threat to kill me mother, -- turns out the bloke would have done it if I'd let 'em -- I get pissed. So I shoot his sorry arse; shit starts a motherfuckin' war, so I have my arse to blame for this large gang-war. Guess how I died.

According to your file, how did you die?

Got shot by a gangster just before the cops hightailed it over to the grounds. Last thing I remember was the gangs shooting at the cops - if they hadn't killed me the cops probably would have.

Do you accept our terms and wish to join our organization?

What do you think? You bet your little arse yes.
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Re: The File of Sean Ardghal

on Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:45 am

You are now an accepted member of the Resurrection Program. Please proceed through these doors for the mandatory mind wipe.

Have a nice day.
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