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Re: Chapter I: The End of Normality

on Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:40 am
Hayley stood and watched the massive horde of them that seemed to have conveniently gathered just before her home. It was the last house on the street, a normal, New England style colonial bordered all the way around by a rather tall stone wall and a gate leading in by the driveway. She could tell just be peering over them that the gate was closed, however unlocked.

As they came up with the plan to merely walk past them, everything seemed to go well enough until they were too tightly packed in to possibly hope in getting away without a scratch... let alone a bite. It would mean the death of them all, and cutting one's way through seemed implausible, not to mention impossible at the moment. Though everyone now had some form of weapon, they weren't armored.

Dante however, saved them from distress at the optimal moment. His suggestion flowed to each ear - what an obvious yet ingenuitive idea - a diversion. Hayley checked her phone and saw that it was dead. Jaimie's was likewise, but when it came to Amber, she almost shrieked when she saw that her phone still carried the basic functions (albeit without the access toward calling another). Going through her phone, she selected the timed alarm and set it for a few minutes from then.

They all waited for those two stress-inducing minutes before she turned her volume up and the alarm sounded off like a trumpet playing taps to sleeping soldiers. It was indeed as if every one of them had just woken up. Moans and groans could be heard as they made their way, sauntering and dragging their decrepit bodies toward the sound of her phone which she had thrown a ways away.

Slowly, the crowd of them started to loosen and the group of them sighed silently in relief at the diversion's working. As they started to silently tip-toe their way on the new path to freedom as it was, their nervousness only increased as the walking dead passed them by - smelly, disgusting meat sacks only fit for the most primal of instincts it seemed. Upon reaching the gate, Hayley thought she might burst into tears of joy - she only hoped that her family was there, or at least alive. Slowly opening the gate so it didn't make a creak, they moved into her front yard and shut the gate behind - latching it for good measure.

They had made it - perhaps what would be called the first leg of their long journey together. Hayley took a deep breath, and turned the nob to her front door upon unlocking it.

OOC: Well guys, it's hard to believe - this is the end to Chapter 1! Last posts on that piece before getting to the house and I will lock the thread and start Chapter 2 tomorrow. =D
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Re: Chapter I: The End of Normality

on Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:19 am
Dante's plan, unexpectedly, was genius. Harvey would've never thought of it. He was rather impressed with the guy, but now was not the time for compliments. They had to make sure that the thought wasn't in vain.

Harvey grabbed Ava's hand as soon as the alarm went off and led her along with the others, going as quietly as possible. Most of the zombies were gone, making this a very easy task. If they had gone with Harvey's original plan, it would've been far easier for them to make a fatal mistake.

"That was a little too easy," Harvey said to Ava as they arrived at Hayley's front gate.
"No thanks to you," Ava said, giggling.
"Hey, at least I tried," Harvey said, shrugging.

They were safe for now. After going through so many trials in one day, it was surprising that no one had fallen from the pressure. There was, however, a lot more to come in their journey. The decisions would be much harder from this point as things got worse. Harvey himself was betting at least one person would end up dying tomorrow.

The thought was a negative one, but it was quite realistic. Realistically, they all should've been dead by now, however. They were beating incredible odds at the moment through wits and basic survival tactics, all thanks to a calm and confident leader. Ava hoped that Hayley's parents were at their home or alive. She didn't want to see her friend get disappointed, but she had an incredibly bad feeling about this. Nonetheless, Harvey and Ava both followed Hayley as they entered the house.
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Re: Chapter I: The End of Normality

on Wed Jun 15, 2011 3:36 am
John was with the others when the beings were stacked up all across the streets. He first heard Harvey's idea, didn't like it much, and then heard Dante's idea, involving an alarm clock to distract the beings.

"Sounds a lot like something a cartoon character would do, but it's our only hope, so full steam ahead." John said quietly. He didn't like either plan, but he knew they couldn't fight the things, so they had to go through quickly and quietly. This whole thing seemed like a cartoon, or more of a zombie apocalypse film, but John never liked that genre of film.

The plan actually worked, much to the amusement of John Brians. They managed to get to Hayley's gate, though John had a bad feeling about this. They'd have to be very careful around the house, they could be among the strange beings. However, John hid his criticism, knowing that he'd be a hypocrite, as he actually wished for the others to come to his house. They slowly entered the home of Hayley Shimura.
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Re: Chapter I: The End of Normality

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