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On "The Infected"

on Thu May 26, 2011 9:56 pm

^^^ Because a lot of elements from the game are based off of H.O.T.D

The "Infected" as they are rightfully called will essentially be one of the main threats to your existence as a human being. In fact, Hysteria is based around THEIR trying to kill YOU, so it would be best if you players read this.

The "Infected" came about for unknown reasons [so far]. They are very much like zombies due to many different characteristics, the main one being: they are very much dead. Though they are indeed animated meat sacks, they happen to also be ravenously hungry, cannibalistic meat sacks. The Infected are also quite strong, especially in arm strength, therefore getting caught is not the best thing for one's health and well-being.

In addition to the above traits, The Infected are blind and can feel no pain. One can tell by their eyes as they are either void of a pupil entirely, or considering their stage of "zombification" they will have a glazed, grayish pupil. Because however their eyes serve no use, it does appear many times that they are looking up...

The Infected do indeed feel nothing when it comes to pain. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find them still attacking you even after hitting them once. A sure way to kill them is to crush or destroy their skull or their entire body. Be aware that not checking if a zombie is completely dead could be what tolls your death sentence... remember this hint: Double-Tap.

Unlike zombies in fiction, the Infected are not green. Because of those who have been infected have died however, they are pale and some amount of rigor mortis has set in, explaining why many cannot move as quickly as a human can. Therefore, they are stiff, slow walking / moving, but possess great endurance and strength. Hint: never hide in a closed room unless the door is very very sturdy; The Infected are strong enough to bash in normal doors and through windows.

Though zombies might be slow, they have a great advantage because they have no eye-sight. Their hearing is superb, and any amount of noise one makes could very well mean a swarm of always-hungary-for-flesh Infected coming your way. So, guns (if luckily come across in the game) might not be the best choice; though they are powerful, the amount of damage it can cause for yourself or your group could be... irreparable.

So, as some last notes; run when you can, be quiet, and just please... try to survive.


What Happens When One is Bitten?


Yes, it doesn't matter how shallow the bite may be, or where on your body it is located; you are going to die. In fact, you won't just die, you will become another mindless killing drone called the Infected. However, I can guarantee you a few things; your death won't be painless, and it will be gruesome most likely. This isn't because "that's just how it is"... no. The Infected might be mindless, but they have an instinctual hunger for human flesh. They will take a bite and bring you down, then have chow-time until you wake up as one of them.

Also, it will likely be a bit rare to see only one of "them" (The general term commoners call the Infected). They usually are in hordes... it might be a bit spread out, but due to the introduction to their attraction to sound, they tend to be in large packs. So, it will be common to see a whole bunch of those freaks having a private feast; that being the unlucky bastard who was caught by them. Be ready to experience blood and guts... it will be very much present.


DISCLAIMER: I want you to be READY for the detail I'm putting into this.... source of picture: Zombieland film

Keep in touch with this thread, as it may be updated with more things in the future.
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