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On Bakersfield and the Surrounding Area

on Thu May 26, 2011 9:49 pm
Bakersfield is a smaller city of around 50,000 residents. The city itself is modernized, allowing for multiple routes of transportation including: many side roads, Highway I98 South, a working inter-city monorail, three different subway stations, and buses.

Much of the city consists of low-rise buildings, a few skyscrapers, and a greater majority of civilian homes. Style is reminiscent of New England colonial architecture (wood / vinyl siding, two/three floors) in the United States. Side streets are host to many homes or lie between large commercial buildings. Main thoroughfares lead through the main areas of the city. They are much wider, usually two lanes for each direction, and they go past major buildings such as town government capitals, public schools such as Bakersfield Public High School and Roger D. Gannon Elementary, the St. Augustus Hospital, and the nearby McCarson Airport.

At the western end of the city, just by the outskirts, are some town homes and then a large sprawling forest. For centuries, local superstition has caused a lot of unrest by the forest itself, much of which focuses on witch-craft or unexplained murders. Most city-folk consider it all just that: superstition. To the city's north is I98, which leads through a bit of wilderness and farmland to the next metropolitan: Helmston, which hosts the well known Helmston University.

At Helmston, which is a bit larger than Bakersfield with a resident population of 73,000, its University makes it very diverse. The campus is spread throughout the city itself and separated into quarters depending on college major. The city is very much modernized like its sister city about an hour away down the Interstate. A large shopping district takes up the very core of Helmston, attracting many college students. There, one would find the Central Helmston Mall complex.

Cutting through the center of the city, just south of the Mall, is the Huntington River, which runs to the town at Helmston's immediate east. The river happens to be large enough to allow large barges and commercial or private ships / boats through. If one travels west of the river, they will come through the Bakersfield Forest and out toward the ocean many miles away.

[Anymore information of places we might happen to stumble upon will be put into this thread. Keep an eye out as the game progresses.]
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