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The Rules of the Game

on Thu May 26, 2011 9:45 pm
Well, as you probably expected, there are some rules or helpful guidelines that I would like all players to please keep into consideration. This will make the game more fun in the long-run.

Rule #1: Please please please follow LS's forum rules. Anyone that causes an infraction against those will be reported directly to the administration.

Rule #2: Nothing is worse than someone who wants to shove themselves above and beyond all other players in powers or skills. I don't mean that your character can't have his / her own professions, but what I do mean is this: Please DO NOT GODMOD. This obviously means no over-powering your character, do not BS things, and please do not macro in-game time unless with the GM's permission.

Rule #3: According with Rule 2, this is only regarding the BS part. By BS, I mean posting something that is obviously impossible, improbable, or otherwise implausible. XD Just a hint: We are not necessarily the hunters, but more-so the hunted.

Rule #4: Please try to RP realistically. Despite the fact that this is an RP based on a zombie apocalypse of sorts, that does not mean people feel no fear, anxiety, shock, anger, or compassion toward others or events that happen in the game.

-- In accordance with Rule 4; I wanted to make this game as interactive as possible. I really don't want to see static characters that don't grow throughout the game, or characters that don't develop a sense of being or relationship with themselves and characters around them. That makes the game stale and boring.

Rule #5: No one-liners. In fact, no two-liners either. Please try to make an effort here, I would love to see a paragraph (5-7 sentences) or more. More is better in this case guys, this ain't no Wal-Mart!

-- In accordance with Rule 5; There are some exceptions for this rule. If action is stagnant at the moment, but you can still respond to another character's dialogue then the post may be less. However, you can try and make an effort to have your character say more.

Rule #6: This can be connected to Rule 4 and 3. BSing or misconduct will result in character death. If one does not follow the first rule to this thread, then it will result in you being kicked from the game, and character death.

-- In accordance with Rule 6; The result of stupidity MIGHT be your characters death. Of course, purposely doing something stupid might make the game interesting. Characters will die, that is a fact. HOWEVER, the player is able to make more characters (no more than two at a time please) and they will be brought into the RP by various means.

---- AMENDMENT: If your character dies, you are NOT guaranteed instant re-entry to the game. This isn't a punishment, it's logic. A new person cannot just spawn into our general area... Therefore, we (Chef and I) will find a suitable entry point as both Player characters, and non-player characters will make new appearances as the plot progresses.

Rule #7: When it comes to characters, no one over the ages of 22 please. I want to keep characters about as old as we are. Also... no one under the age of 12 please.

Rule #8: In regards to weapons, ONLY improvised weapons are allowed. This means anything grabbed at the moment, make-shift, or found is completely legit. Try not to make a character who is skilled in combat of some sort, as that will take away some of the fun. We should all be fairly normal.

-- In accordance with Rule 8; Some actual weapons (ie: firearms , etc.) will be found and used in the game by us. However as told in The Infected thread, they might pose more danger than good. No character, however, should have firearms or high-grade weapons right in the starting.

-- In accordance with Rule 8; Characters might not be able to have combat experience, BUT they might have some minor fighting experience. This is fine.

-- In accordance with Rule 8 - Subsection 1 Firearms; You and your buddy are NOT made of bullets. Ammo will be hard to come by after a while. Be aware of this, be sparing, and be realistic. Are you going to be that guy that wild-fires into a group of zombies with no care of an ammunition limit? Not to mention, sound is your worst enemy....

Rule #9: HAVE FUN! Yes, you are ordered to have fun. Not having fun will result in getting kicked from the game, character death, and being blasted into The Void.

---- AMENDMENT: You don't have to have fun if you don't want... this isn't an autocratic fascist regime, sheeh!
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