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Ava McKinley

on Thu May 26, 2011 9:36 pm
Character Name: Ava McKinley

Nickname: None

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Ava is a short and moderately thin teenager, standing at 5'5''. She has short brown hair and has sort of a natural beauty about her. She wears a long sleeved, light red over-shirt over her normal t-shirt that she wears (they usually consist of graphic tees) and has light jeans.

Personality: Ava is a surprisingly strong willed, but quiet girl. Other than her will, she is not a lot like her brother. She is quite nice to people, even if they get on her nerves, and has never gotten in a fight. Ava likes to be honest about situations and tries to help as much as possible in any situations. Due to a little experience in medical training, she is quite used to the sight of blood, so it does not scare her at all. Though she is strong willed, she is a bit wary of the opposite sex, not exactly used to them yet, as she had never spent much time with them before high school.

Background: Ava was born in the same household as Harvey, cared for mostly by her mother. She spent a lot of time with Harvey at first, until they became a bit estranged for a while due to his questionable activities. She learned a great deal of things from her mother, including many things that had to be done around the house, such as cooking and cleaning. Once she entered high school, Ava volunteered for a clinic and went to as many medical related activities for students that she could, as she wanted to work in that area someday. She learned CPR, cleaning and mending cuts or wounds, and a few things concerning medicines that should be used. She retains quite a high grade, being one of the above average students in her class, and always studies hard for assignments. Spending time studying and helping out at the clinic, Ava can hardly find time aside to do anything extracurricular.

Occupation: She is a sophomore at high school and helps out at the local clinic, so she knows a few things concerning medicine and wounds, as she wants to work in that area someday.

Miscellaneous Items: She has a book-bag with all her textbooks and paper materials, along with a few pencils, and a first aid pack that she always carries with her from the clinic.
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Re: Ava McKinley

on Thu May 26, 2011 9:38 pm
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