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Harvey McKinley

on Thu May 26, 2011 9:36 pm
Character Name: Harvey McKinley

Nickname: None (as of now, at least)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Harvey McKinley is a slightly tall and lean young adult, standing at about 6'0'' in height and sporting a decent build from being involved in boxing. He has normally blown back, or spiked dirty blonde hair and a slight beard growing, that he normally tries to shave off. He looks a little old for his age, which is something he constantly gets from people, but he feels it more so comes to his advantage. He often wears a light leather jacket over a button down shirt (the color depends on the day) and denim jeans. He usually wears his sunglasses when he's out, but otherwise keeps them off.

Personality: Harvey has a strange personality. A lot of the time he seems serious, but in all actuality, he doesn't really care enough about what's going on to be serious about it. He can be quite laid back if he wants to, but if he is ever riled up, he'll get into a fight without much reason. This has gotten him in a bit of trouble before, giving him both a bad reputation and suspensions, but he dealt with it all. Harvey seems like he doesn't want to do anything that isn't his way. Though he may seem a bit like a jerk or simple at first, Harvey can be reasonable and even thinks a lot more than people would. He has his own ideas on life that he holds highly, and is always trying to find an answer to things. He isn't the best leader, as he usually gets into a quarrel if people don't listen to him, but is good at making rational decisions that may at first seem a bit "cold", but they are usually correct when it comes to terms of survival.

Background: Harvey was born in the urban environments of Bakersfield, the son of a drunk and a caring mother. His childhood wasn't the greatest, due to his father always cussing him out or throwing stuff at him when he was angry and drunk. The only thing he really cared about was his mother, who looked out for him. Harvey also had a sister that he is semi-close to and attends school with her. She is younger, so he tries to look out for her whenever he can. Harvey moved on to school, which he didn't really care for either. He hated most of the teachers, found few of the students worth the time to talk to, and felt too controlled, like he was being processed into a "fine person" through it. Harvey referred to this angrily as "bullshit" and went on trying to cause small havoc in schools, getting himself in a few suspensions every so often. He has gotten into fights, drugs, and a whole plethora of things he probably shouldn't have gotten into. He's given up a lot of these things by forcing himself to join something he'd commit to. After giving it a lot of thought, he joined a boxing league for people his age, and loved it. He spent most of his time practicing until he was quite good, though he was known for being a little too vicious sometimes. Now Harvey balances between working at a gas station, sitting for seven hours of school, and boxing.

Occupation: Works at a gas station and is a senior at high school. He's also an avid boxer.

Miscellaneous Items: A pack of cigarettes, zippo lighter, pen, wallet with money and other papers, and a small pad of paper.
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Re: Harvey McKinley

on Thu May 26, 2011 10:10 pm
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