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Jacob Shimura

on Thu May 26, 2011 9:31 pm
Character Name: Jacob Shimura

Nickname: Jake

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Jacob is average height, around 5'9'' and is lean. Because he is involved in Kendo Club, he has honed his body, therefore appearing rather athletic. He has tanned skin, brown eyes, and frazzled black hair. As for clothes, he normally wears a black jacket, and a simple tee-shirt below. He either wears jeans or more flowing pants, and high-top shoes.

Jacob is usually a quiet person around those he doesn't know to well. He is however a very mature person and will take responsibility easily. Because he is in college, he is rather independent and self-driven. His work ethic is translated in his every day life by the way he exercises every week and works as hard as he can in whatever he does.

Jacob Shimura was born in the US and bears a Japanese lineage from his parents. He attends Helmston University, as a junior, in a city a few hours away from his family in Bakersfield with a major in history. His father, Yoko Shimura, is a private contractor for Bakersfield, and his mother Hikari Shimura is an elementary school teacher there as well. His only sibling is his sister Hayley Shimura, who is a sophomore at Bakersfield Public High School. Because he is in college, he has chosen to dorm there, setting him apart from his family a city away.

Occupation: Kendo Club President, University Student

Miscellaneous Items: Student ID on lanyard, Wallet with $30 and a debit card, car keys, draw-string backpack with books and papers
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