The Survivor Registration Form

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The Survivor Registration Form

Post by Kamikaze_X on Thu May 26, 2011 9:26 pm

Here is the almighty registration form you have been waiting for. You can have up to two characters at the start. There may be openings for more later, or replacements for any of your characters that get killed off in game. So, now that you know all that, follow the guidelines below and post your character(s) in this forum.

[b]Character Name:[/b]








[b]Miscellaneous Items:[/b]

Character Name: This one should be easy. Try and pick a name that is reasonable for a normal person to have. For instance, your character probably won't have a name like "Bloodhawk Stormdragon" or something like that. Try to keep it plausible here.
Nickname: This field is optional. If your character has some sort of witty nickname you'd like to share, go ahead and do so.
Age: Anything from about 14-22 years, ranging from high-school to college.
Gender: Male? Female?
Appearance: Write your description of the character you are making here. You can use a picture to help with this.
Personality: How does your character act or feel? Do they have a specific type of ideology? Just try to capture how your character thinks.
Background: Write a summary of your character's life so far.
Occupation: What does your character have as a job (if they have one at all)?
Miscellaneous Items: What does your character carry around with them usually? Try to cover everything, as this is a survival game, after all, so we'll be using many items. Note: this is your inventory from the start, so you probably won't have anything lethal, unless you're one of those questionable individuals...

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