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on Thu May 26, 2011 9:23 pm
To all players willing to join Hysteria:

When you register, you may have up to TWO (2) characters! Here is the thing though;

For various reasons, I will need a few more High School students (A LOT of action will be hitting the fan there at first, if you know what I mean) AS WELL AS University students for more or less the same reasons. So those who have either not made any characters yet, or those who have made one, keep this as consideration – as well as the fact that characters may or WILL die. >=D

ALSO; to everyone regardless of registration process: You really should check out the bits of information I have posted in the main forum. This includes the rules of the game since I included extremely helpful tips or hints on how the game will essentially play out. Enjoy the game when it starts, I am looking forward to it. ^_^

EDIT: Jan 9th, 2011

If at all possible, please make some very normal characters. This game is made to have very normal people thrown into a very abnormal situation. I am not saying don't make them unique or quirky... just don't make them have extra tragic pasts, or leet fighting experience in a gang or something. They should be seen as normal kids like us.
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